Lost Ark Sailing Guide

In this guide, we will provide you with the complete details about Sailing and other things associated with it in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark doesn’t let you stay landlocked for long! The ARPG MMO introduces sailing to allow you to explore other continents of Arkesia. In this guide, we will provide you with the complete details about Sailing and other things associated with it in Lost Ark.

How to Unlock sailing in Lost Ark

Before you let go of your land legs to set sail in Lost Ark, you need to actually unlock sailing first.

Unlocking the Sailing feature in Lost Ark requires players to Reach Level 35. At level 35 they will receive a quest called “Set Sail” which doubles as a tutorial for you to learn how to sail.

To start this quest, you must travel to the Wavestrand Port at East Luttera. You will receive your first ship after finishing Blackfang’s storyline as a reward. The ship is used for navigation during co-op events in Lost Ark.

Below you will also find some of the ship controls for reference.

Ship Controls

Ship Anchor: To anchor your ship, use the Z key.

Auto-Sailing: You can toggle it on or off for auto navigation along a straight path.

Rapid Sail: Press the space key once the bar is full to increase speed temporarily.

Ship Horn: You can use the Ship Horn by pressing the C key.

Automatic Route: You can open the map and set the automatic route by pressing M.

How to Upgrade Ship in Lost Ark

There are different types of ships available for you in the Lost Ark, which are good against some hazardous Waters. The 8 ships you can find in the Lost Ark are given below.

  • Brahms
  • Estoque
  • Tragon
  • Eibern’s Wound
  • Sturmbreecher
  • Eurus
  • White Wind
  • Astray

How to Upgrade Ships

Ships in Lost Ark can be repaired by visiting the nearby port and paying a high fee for the repair. The repair will increase the HP of the ship. However, there are other methods for upgrading your ship in Lost Ark which we are going to discuss below.

Equip Sailors

You can use this method to increase your ship’s speed and resistance. To equip sailors, simply dock your ship at any port and select the Sailors tab from the menu. From here, you can buy Sailors using the Sea Coins or sometimes you can get them as a reward for gathering collectibles.

While buying Sailors, make sure you have the ship you can use them on since some of the Sailors are Ship specific as well.

How to gather Sea Coins

You can gather Sea Coins in Lost Ark by completing activities such as Marine Events and Island quests.  You can use these Sea Coins not just for buying Sailors but can be used to purchasing collectibles and other things. The things you can buy with Sea Coins can be found on Merchant Ships.

Merchant Ships

You will find the ship gear and upgrade material at the Merchant Ships. You can find them by following the Sailing Ship icon on the map.

Sailing Activities in Lost Ark

Discover New islands

Through sailing ships, players can explore the Lost Ark map and discover new Islands where they will also find new activities and events to complete. You will get to know about the detailed history of different islands. You will be rewarded for completing different quests here, which you can trade for rare ones.

The other activities which can be done with sailing in Lost Ark are given below.

  • Treasure hunting
  • Loot recovery
  • Fishing
  • Finding sunken ships

You can find these activities on the mini map, which also contains other useful information.

Fast Traveling

You will find the Liner NPC at every port in Lost Ark. Interacting with it will allow the players to fast travel to other continents in exchange for a Silver fee. In case you have a Crystalline Aura subscription you can fast travel for free.

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