Lost Ark Lagoon Island Guide

Lost Ark is home to several islands with many hefty loot and rewards. This Lost Ark guide will look into Lagoon Island, its location, bosses, and rewards. So without further ado, let us begin.

Where is the Lagoon Island Located in Lost Ark

Once players have completed the main quest line in the first continent in Lost Ark, from that point onwards, they have the complete liberty to sail to the seas and explore the islands.

Lagoon Island is one of the many islands you can enter and explore. It’s a small island filled with promising rewards and adventures that can help you progress in the game.

This Island is located near the west of Ister and Tooki Island. You can find this island crossway from Rohende and southwest of Bern continent in Arkesia.

However, one thing to keep in mind while finding this Island is that it is an Adventure Island, so it’s not always present in its location. It only appears on some days of the week, and to receive its news of spawning, you can use Procyon’s Compass or alarm clock.

We also recommend that you are at level 50 of combat with level 250 of equipped items. With everything promising, Lagoon Island does have some threats alongside bosses that you will have to deal with, and being at an advanced level can be very helpful.

Lost Ark Lagoon Island Questlines

You should get ready for the yellow questline once you’ve figured your way around Lagoon Island and dropped your anchor. First, however, to trigger the questline, you must find an NPC around, and then you can be assigned quests.

Following are the quests you’ll be doing around Lagoon Island.

Lagoon Island Questline #1 – That’s Deep

You’ll be receiving this quest from the Boatman, who’ll ask you to travel deep into the sea to witness the bizarre phenomenon of a floating fish. Go down the deep path leading to the sea and interact with Angler to complete this quest.

Rewards: 150 Roster XP and 4600 Silver.

Lagoon Island Questline #2 – Fishy Fish

Angler will assign you this quest and express concern over people visiting the Island due to its unique traits. To complete this quest, head over to Biologist and interact.

Rewards: 1 Wisdom, 150 Roster XP, 1 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, and 4600 Silver.

Lagoon Island Questline #3 – Trouble in Paradise?

The Biologist will assign you this quest and ask you to try catching flying fishes. Then, capture all three flying fishes nearby and head back to Biologist to complete the quest.

Rewards: 150 Roster XP, 2 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, and 4600 Silver.

Lagoon Island Questline #3 – Afraid of the Dark

Yet again, the Biologist will assign you this quest, and you have to explore the strange sounds coming from a cave deep within Lagoon Island. Travel there and interact with Merefolk Porsica to complete the quest.

Rewards: 1  Courage, 150 Roster XP, 3 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, and 4600 Silver.

Lagoon Island Questline #4 – Mending the Merfolk

Instead of a Sea Monser, Porsica is a Merfolk who’s gravely wounded and unable to move. Interact with her, and she will assign you this quest and ask you to treat her by gathering three edible corals and giving her a Bandage that can be obtained from the Biologist.

Rewards: 1 Kindness,150  Roster XP, 1 Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest, 5600 Silver, and 2000 Pirate Coin.

Lagoon Island Questline #5 – Culture Shock

Once you heal Porsica, she’ll assign you with this quest. You’ll have to gather four coal corals for this quest and install Porsica’s workbench. And once done doing that, interact with her again and complete the quest.

Rewards: 1 Wisdom, 150 Roster XP, 1 Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, and 4600 Silver.

How to Defeat Iar Kaya at Lagoon Island

Once you’ve got the small quests aside, it’s time you fight the Island’s boss known as Iar Kaya. The boss fight has a preparation time of 3minutes and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. She’s one challenging mistress to defeat; however, you can take her down pretty quickly with your best set of attacks and deadly combos.

And as we mentioned before, being in level 50 of combat with level 250 of equipped items will help you immensely during the fight. The boss is pretty tough, but with constant damage from your end and the help of other players in the field, you can bring her health pool down.

We do recommend you to stay close to her when she’s releasing blue lazar up in the air as it can be very harmful to come in contact with. She’ll also release a red circular lazar, so be on the watch for that. And lastly, she’ll have slugs emerging from the sea ground, which can be fatal if you contact them.

Run around and do your best to avoid the attack while constantly providing her damage, and she’ll eventually be dead. Once you’ve defeated Iar Kaya, there are chances she’ll be dropping the Island Token.

However, there are also chances she won’t drop it the first time you defeat her, so, unfortunately, you will have to repeat this quest and kill the boss a few more times.

Furthermore, once you have the token, there are also chances that she drops the epic quality rune known as Wealth Rune, which will grant players a 30% Identity Gauge boost. So be on the watch for that and repeat that quest till you acquire these goodies.

Lagoon Island Mokoko Seeds Location

Once all the quests and a major boss fight for the Island are on the side, you can now look for Mokoko Seeds on Lagoon Island. This Island has only one Mokoko Seed that you can find by jumping on a boat and sailing to the Island’s east side and then to the other Island.

Now once you’re there, interact with a tombstone present at the front, and upon doing so, it will unleash a new location with a cave in it. Head inside the cave, and you’ll find the seed here.

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