Lost Ark Knight’s Oath Hidden Story Guide

In Lost Ark, you’ll have to gaze around almost the entire game to collect all of the hidden stories to finish your Adventurer’s Tomb. Knight’s Oath is one such hidden story. We’ll show you where to find Knight’s Oath hidden story in Lost Ark in this guide.

Lost Ark Knight’s Oath Hidden Story

In Lost Ark, Hidden Stories are significant because they provide insight into the past. For example, they may contain information about specific NPCs, ancient stories of legends, or details about a past event.

All in all, hidden stories are a good way to become acquainted with the world of Lost Ark. Continue reading to know about the exact location of Knight’s Oath in Lost Ark

Knight’s Oath Hidden Story Location

This hidden story can be located once you head over to the continent of West Luterra in Mount Zagoras to find Knight’s Oath. To be precise, you’ll need to head to Zagoras Fortress. Then, all that remains is for you to proceed to the fortress through the front stairway.

Look to your right as you approach the fortress via the entrance stairway. You will see a wooden platform, and The Knight’s Oath diary can be located just around that platform. Engage with the diary and read the Knight’s Oath hidden story.

That was all you had to do to find the Knight’s Oath Hidden Story in Lost Ark. Keep checking with our website for all the latest news on Lost Ark and guides on how to find other Hidden Stories as well.

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