Lost Ark Gems Guide

In Lost Ark, a Gem system is introduced somewhat later in the game. The gems improve your skills by increasing...

In Lost Ark, a Gem system is introduced somewhat later in the game. The gems improve your skills by increasing damage and lowering cooldown times. In this guide, we will explain everything regarding Gems in Lost Ark.

How to Obtain Gems in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, gems are unlocked once you access Tier 2 content. There are several different ways gems can be gathered in Lost Ark. We have listed them below.

  • By playing and completing Daily Chaos Dungeons. Keep in mind that in order to access these dungeons, you will need Aura of Resonance.
  • By taking part in S rank guild hosted PvP Island Events.
  • Taking down Field Bosses
  • Buying them from Auction House.
  • Completing levels in Boss Rush.

Keep in mind that once you get to tier 3, the effectiveness of all tier 2 gems will fall to 50%.

Types of Gems in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, the gems have 2 different types of effects. Either they will help lower the Skill Cooldown time or Increase Skill damage. After obtaining a gem, it can be leveled up as well. As the gem’s level increases, the amount of effect it has also increases.

How to Equip Gems in Lost Ark

Once you obtain a gem, it can be equipped by heading to the inventory and right-clicking the gem. It can also be equipped by dragging it into the gem tab.

At a time, a total of 11 gems can be equipped, and you are free to choose how many damage increasing and cooldown reducing gems you want to equip.

How to Level Up Gems in Lost Ark

You will need access to the Gem Synthesis/Gem Fuse window to level up gems. This access can be obtained by talking to Gem Experts, which can be found in every capital city.

Once you have access to the Gem Fuse window, head to your inventory and open the Fuse Gems menu.

From this window, you will be able to level up your gems. For example, selecting three gems of the same level in the Fuse Gems slots will allow you to level it up by one level.

Leveling up gems is a simple process as long as you have the required low-level gems. After that, the leveling process is 100% successful every time. The max level a gem can get to be is 10.

However, there are some limitations to leveling process as well. Firstly, the type of gem that you obtain after leveling up is completely random.

Also, gems belonging to different tiers cannot be fused together. Also, damage-increasing gems cannot be changed into Cooldown reducing gems and vice versa.

Below we have listed the gem levels and their effects on each level up.

Level of Gem Skill Damage Increase Skill Cooldown Reduction
1 3% 2%
2 6% 4%
3 9% 6%
4 12% 8%
5 15% 10%
6 18% 12%
7 21% 14%
8 24% 16%
9 30% 18%
10 40% 20%

How to Reface Gems in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, if you level up and receive a gem that is not to your liking, you can get it refaced from the Gem Expert. Go and talk to the Gem Expert, and from there, you can choose the gem you want to reroll the skill it offers.

However, rerolling the skill on a gem is not a free process and requires silver currency. The amount of silver used gets higher with the level of gems. However, similar to leveling up, refacing a gem will not change a cooldown reducing gem to an increasing damaging gem and vice versa.

Below we have listed the amount of silver required to reface gems of different levels.

Level of Gem Amount of Silver required for Refacing gem
1 7,000
2 8,500
3 10,000
4 20,000
5 30,000
6 60,000
7 90,000
8 150,000
9 210,000
10 340,000

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