Lost Ark Forge of Fallen Pride Abyss Dungeon Guide

Forge of Fallen Pride will be your sixth Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. As you enter this Dungeon, you’ll come across two types of bosses. In this guide, we’ve given tips and tricks on how to defeat both bosses at the Forge of Fallen Pride in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Forge of Fallen Pride Abyss Dungeon

The Forge of Fallen Pride is known for its difficulty as the sixth Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeon in Lost Ark. To enter the Dungeon, you must be at item level 840.

As you enter the Dungeon, you’ll have to make your way through two different bosses, and although the first encounter is quite simple to deal with, the second boss will be quite challenging to defeat.

How to Defeat Forge of Fallen Pride Dungeon First Boss – Amaus

The first boss you’ll face in the Dungeon will be AvadonAmaus. Even though this boss is considered the easiest out of the two, you can still face difficulties facing him if you don’t shift your focus on the minions he summons later on in the battle.

Avadon uses two main attacks: The Curse of Ember and the Slash.

Curse of Ember

Using Curse of Ember, the boss creates a big red circle surrounding the players while summoning a red orb upon their heads.


As the orbs increase in numbers and reach number three, they’ll explode and deal a good amount of damage to the player. Good news is that this attack doesn’t necessarily do damage to you but will cause damage to your allies.

Therefore, if you want to prevent that from happening, simply move to the corner of the map and keep your party away from getting any type of damage.


The name pretty much gives away how this attack works. Amaus uses his sword four consecutive times to deal damage.

The first three attacks will stagger you, while the last one will cause AoE damage. The best strategy here is to avoid the attack by not going too close to your party members.

Dragon Spawn

Additionally, at the 4th and 8th HP bar, Amaus summons a dragon next to him. It’s best to shift your focus completely to the dragon instead of the boss for a while. Once the dragon is taken care of, you can now go back to attacking the Boss.

How to Defeat Forge of Fallen Pride Dungeon Second Boss – Kaishur

Kaishur is your second and last Forge of Fallen Pride Dungeon Boss. Compared to Amaus, this boss is much more powerful and requires more to defeat.

Kaishur has a few moves up his sleeves as well, moves such as:


During the 16th and 18th HP Bar, Kaishur will summon two Phantoms (Red and White) while jumping into the center of the area.

The best strategy here is to focus on what color orbs Kaishur holds in his hands. Then, match the color and take down the phantom with the exact same wing color.

In addition to that, you’ll have to focus on avoiding the phantoms attacks as well during the battle.


Kaishur’s counter is unlike any other. What he does is he creates a red shield around him, and when you or any of your allies try to attack him while he’s behind the shield, he’ll immediately counterattack you dealing plenty of damage.

So the best strategy here is to avoid hitting him for a moment till his shield wears off.

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