Lost Ark Erasmo’s Island Guide

There are dozens of islands that you can visit in Lost Ark and get an Island Token by completing the questlines of that Island, along with rare loot and Mokoko Seeds. This guide will take you through Erasmo’s Island in Lost Ark and teach you how to make the island boss appear.

Where is Erasmo’s Island Located in Lost Ark

Unlike some of the other islands in Lost Ark, you can visit Erasmo’s Island at any given time. There is no restriction on when you can visit or when the Island is visible to you. You can visit Erasmo’s Island at any time.

Erasmo’s Island is a small open island where you will have to defeat the boss to get the Island Token.

However, the boss only spawns at certain times of the day. You can check the time when it is available using the alarm clock on the top-left of your screen.

The Island is located east of North Vern and west of Anikka. You can see the location of the Island on the map below:

How to Spawn the Erasmo’s Island Boss

The boss visits the Island from the sea at a certain time of the day, but it will not be visible to you. To make it spawn, you need to play the Song of Resonance repeatedly for 15 times to make it appear.

The boss is a four-legged monster that uses its tail to perform a sweep attack or casts lightning bolts towards the area it’s facing. There’s nothing unique to this boss fight, and you will be able to defeat it easily after doing some damage.

Upon defeating the boss, you will have a chance to get the Island Token. If you don’t get it on the first try, you can visit the Island and defeat the boss again.

Lost Ark Erasmo’s Island Mokoko Seed Locations

Along with the island boss, there are two Mokoko Seeds that you can get for your collectibles. Both seeds are located on the south side of the Island on the map.

Head to the south and look for the seeds near the shore in the grass. Both of the seeds will be in the grass and near each other.