How to Get Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

Lost Ark’s Ship based mechanics would be incomplete without accompanying sea-faring music. The sheet music here which takes the form of songs, provides different benefits. This guide will help you unlock the sheet music Song of Resonance in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Song of Resonance

Songs in Lost Ark which can be used to provide different effects. They act as abilities that the player can use, provided that they have an instrument.

One of these songs is the Song of Resonance. There are many hidden areas in Lost Ark and revealing them is a hard thing to do. To reveal these areas, you need to play the Song of Resonance near them, and the illusion hiding them will vanish.

How to get Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

To obtain the Song of Resonance sheet music, you need to play the game until you unlock ship travel and are able to sail to the other islands in the world of Lost Ark.

With this ability, travel to Island of Peyto, near Anikka, just south of Preche and west of Anich. Once on the island, go to Peyto Liner. Here, you will meet a merchant named Treasure Hunter Igran.

Igran is a pirate, and he will sell you the Song of Resonance. There is no other way yet to get the song in the game.

The Song of Resonance will cost you 16,500 Pirate Coins. The price is a bit steep and expensive. You can farm coins nearby to get together the money you need to buy the song.

How to Use Song of Resonance Sheet Music

Song of Resonance is used to reveal hidden areas in the world of Lost Ark. Its item description reads:

“The song of the fallen giants has the power to resonate with earth, revealing hidden spaces and invisible things. The secrets of its resonance are hidden in Erasmo’s Island and Lullaby Island.”

With the item description, it is clear that Erasmo’s Island and lullaby island are you next top priority destinations to go and check out for hidden areas and loot.

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