Lost Ark Deadeye Leveling Guide

The following guide will highlight all the tips and tricks players need to know for a quick and efficient Deadeye leveling process in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Deadeye Leveling

Deadeye is one of the most unique classes in Lost Ark. It’s a close-ranged gunner who can use three different weapons in battle. These weapons are a shotgun, a sniper rifle and a handgun.

The Deadeye also has an excellent catalog of skills, and if you choose the right ones at the right time, you’ll be able to level up your Deadeye in no time.

Below is what you need to know about leveling Deadeye, including the best skills and tripods to use at each level.

Best Skills to Focus When Leveling Deadeye

To level up your Deadeye as quickly as possible, follow the skill order listed below. If you unlock these skills and tripods at their respective levels, you’ll be able to farm XP extremely quickly and efficiently.

Level 12
Starting off at level 12, allocate 4 points into Enforce Execution and Somersault Shot each. These two skills will help increase your Deadeye’s mobility.

The tripod you’ll want to unlock for Enforce Execution is Light Footwork. And for Somersault Shot, unlock Agile Movement.

Level 20-21
From level 20 to 21, allocate 48 points into Equilibrium. This will increase the AoE damage of your Deadeye.

The tripods you’ll want to unlock for this skill are Weakness Exposure, Vital Point Shot and Enemy Raid.

Level 30
At level 30, allocate 48 points into Shotgun Rapid Fire. This will increase both your AoE and single-target damage.

The tripods you’ll want to unlock for this skill are Full Range, Enhanced Shot and Special Bullet.

Level 38
At level 38, allocate 48 points into Shotgun Dominator. This will further increase your damage output.

The tripods you’ll want to unlock for this skill are Full Range, Enhanced Fire and Master of CQC.

Level 45
At level 45, allocate 48 points into Death Fire. This will increase your AoE damage output significantly.

The tripods you’ll want to unlock for this skill are Keen Strike, Flame Bomb and Infinite Decimation.

Level 50
At level 50, play the main story quest to Vern Castle until you’re told to visit Beatrice in Trixion. Once you finish her questline, you’ll be rewarded with Perfect Shot and Clay Bombardment. Once you’ve unlocked these skills, you can create separate builds based around them for end-game content.

Deadeye Leveling Tips and Tricks

Now that you’re up to speed with the order of skills you need to follow for Deadeye Leveling, let’s go over some useful tips and tricks that will help you farm easily for your Deadeye.

Use High-Level Gear

When it comes to leveling, no matter what class your character is, you need to get the highest item level gear possible for them. The higher the level of the character’s gear is, the faster they’ll be able to level up.

Best Combat Stats

The best combat stats for Deadeye leveling are Crit, Specialization and Swiftness. Swiftness will increase the movement speed of the Deadeye while Crit and Specialization will increase damage output. These stats will synergize together perfectly to help your Deadeye farm more XP.

Play on Normal Difficulty

Since your main focus right now is leveling, make sure you’re playing on the normal difficulty setting. There’s no point in playing on the hard difficulty mode if you want to level up your Deadeye as it will just slow down the whole process.