How to Level up Fast in Lost Ark

In this guide for Lost Ark, we'll provide tips on how you can level up fast in Lost Ark efficiently.

MMOs can be a grindy and tedious experience depending on how you approach them. Some players try to level as fast as possible but don’t really know the best ways. If you are one of them, then here is a guide that will tell you how you level up fast in Lost Ark.

How to Level up Fast in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, your characters start at level 10. At this time, the level cap in Lost Ark is level 60, however, the game doesn’t end after this. Here are a few tips to help you level up fast.

Complete Main Story Quests

Keep in mind that Main Story Quest is the main source of EXP in Lost Ark. Doing only main quests is sufficient to easily get you to level 40. Of course, you do get a bit of extra EXP you need to get to level 50 which is also easily earned in these missions.

Complete a few Side Quests

Also, do complete side quests as well whenever you can. We do not recommend going out of your way to do them, but they do fetch a decent amount of EXP at lower levels.

They also provide you with different gear that makes high-level missions easier for you and thus greatly contribute to your future EXP farming.

Farm Mobs

Efficiently engage with mobs. They give a 2 EXP per enemy so it’s a huge waste of time killing them one at a time. We recommend that you either completely ignore mobs or kill them in crowds with your AoE attacks.

If you are in a quest where you aren’t facing many enemies, ignore them and go on with your quest. Killing a few enemies is a huge waste of time and it’s better to avoid them altogether.

Sudden Quests

Always focus on sudden quests. Even though they are side missions, they usually have higher EXP rewards than other side missions and also have better gear rewards.

These quests are also not time-consuming and can be easily completed on a whim. Again, don’t waste time actively looking for them.

Play Solo

Though some believe that groups are more efficient, playing solo allows you to complete dungeons faster as you don’t have to wait around for other players.

The game mostly forces your group to split off and do separate tasks and this reduces the efficiency of your EXP Farming.

Don’t waste time Farming gear. Since your main focus is leveling up, most of your gear will become useless very fast and you will constantly need new gear as you go on. Farming for better gear will only waste your time.

Move Onto Newer Dungeons

Also, don’t try to repeat or play on a harder difficulty. Repeating dungeons will always give you the same EXP but as you level up, it’s better to move on to new dungeons with higher EXP output.

Also, though harder difficulty does give more rewards, these are almost always in loot and not EXP. Doing dungeons on normal allows you to complete them faster and also get the same amount of EXP as you would on a harder difficulty.

Use Your Potions

Don’t horde items and potions. Potions allow you to get more EXP from killed mobs and even recover health so you can also be a little reckless. Not hoarding will only make you faster and more efficient in your goal.

Utilize Fast Travel

Always use the fast travel option. Whenever you are about to start a new dungeon or a new quest, instead of traveling by foot, just fast travel to the nearest Tripod and then continue from there. This saves much more time and allows you to get that EXP faster.

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