How to Farm Harmony and Perception Shards in Lost Ark

To help you out with getting your hands on Harmony and Perception Shards in Lost Ark, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you all of the different ways you can farm Harmony and Perception Shards in the game.

Lost Ark Harmony and Perception Shards

Being an MMORPG, one of the most important aspects of the gameplay of Lost Ark is to upgrade and enhance your armor and weaponry so you can keep up with the difficulty of the game as it increases.

Of course, to upgrade your gear, you’ll need to use all kinds of upgrade items. This is where the Harmony and Perception Shards come into play.

What are Harmony and Perception Shards Used For?

Harmony and Perception Shards are special resources needed to upgrade your gear in Lost Ark. These shards don’t upgrade the gear themselves. Instead, they increase the level of your gear, which in turn allows it to be further upgraded.

If you want to progress through the game quickly, farming Harmony and Perception Shards is an extremely crucial part of the game.

To help you out with that, below, we’ve listed down all the different methods you can use to farm Harmony and Perception Shards in Lost Ark.

How to Farm Harmony and Perception Shards in Lost Ark

As of right now, there are only a few different ways to farm Harmony and Perception Shards in Lost Ark. The most efficient ways to farm these shards are listed below.

Daily and Weekly Quests

First and foremost, you should always complete the daily and weekly quest to farm Harmony and Perception Shards.

These quests aren’t guaranteed to reward you with these shards, but it’s more than worth it to do them on the off chance that you’re rewarded with shards.

Aside from the daily and weekly quests, you should also do the World and Chain quests whenever you can. These can also reward you with Harmony and Perception Shards.

This isn’t the most efficient way of farming shards, but due to how easy this method is compared to the rest in this list, you shouldn’t shy away from doing these quests. They’ll help you rack up a great number of shards in the long run.

Chaos Dungeon Activities

The Chaos Dungeon is one of the best ways to farm Harmony and Perception Shards in Lost Ark. This dungeon presents you with various activities that can be completed to earn lucrative rewards.

However, to compete in these activities, you need to be at least Combat Level 50 and Item Level 250. If you’re below that, you won’t be allowed to enter the activities. Therefore, this method is catered towards end-game players as opposed to newbies. But once you’re at that level, this will be a great way for you to farm shards.

You can compete in these activities twice per day. To do so, head over to the kneeling statues that you’ve probably seen around the map. If you haven’t, just look for the icon on your map that looks like a yellow diamond resting on a winged pedestal.

These activities are pretty much just defeating many enemies within a certain amount of time. They’re relatively challenging but won’t take that much time, and they’ll reward you with a decent number of shards, coupled with other items.

The Tower

Another excellent way of farming Harmony and Perception Shards in Lost Ark is by completing the many levels of the Tower. These levels are very challenging, so this method also caters to players who have high-level gear.

When you complete a level in the Tower, you have a chance to be rewarded with a Harmony Shard Pouch. This pouch can be of various sizes.

The smallest pouch will give you only two Harmony Shards, and the largest one will give you five hundred!

Island Quests

Completing the quests of different islands in Lost Ark is arguably the best way to farm Harmony and Perception Shards.

Each Island has its own unique set of quests that can be completed to earn great rewards, including loads of shards. But to maximize the amount of Harmony Shards you’re going to gain, you need to complete the quests of some specific islands.

The first of these islands is Shadow Island. First, open up your map and search for the island name in the search bar to see where it is. Before you go out to complete the quests of this island, make sure that you have level 24 on your Tower complete.

This is because the very last objective on this island requires you to have your level 24 Tower complete. The objectives of this island are mostly just to kill a bunch of monsters. This will take around 20 minutes to do.

After that, move onto Panda Island. The quests of this island will take even less time than the ones in Shadow Island, and you’ll gain just as many shards.

The difficulty will begin to ramp up with each subsequent island you visit. The further down the island is on this list, the more time it’ll take to complete its quests.

Next up, we have Toto Silver Island, located to the north of Tortoyk. After that, move onto Serenity Island, which is towards the south, next to Luterra.

Once you’re done with those two, your next target is Dreamgull Island. This Island is to the east of North Vern.

White Wave Island

This island is just to the north of Dreamgull Island, so it won’t take much time to sail your way there.

And finally, the last island you need to go to is Peyto. This island is located just to the south of Pleccia. The objectives of this island will take quite a long time to complete, so make sure you’re prepared before you sail over there.

Once you complete the quests of all of these islands, you’ll gain around 100,000 Harmony Shards!