Lost Ark Will “Catch Up Quickly” To Its Korean Version

Lost Ark was originally released in South Korea in December 2019 before being re-released by publisher Amazon Games in the west a couple of years later. There are hence two versions right now where the recently released western version awaits content that already exits in its eastern counterpart.

Speaking with PCGamesN in a recent interview, franchise leader Soomin Park confirmed that developer Smilegate RPG is currently working on a post-launch content roadmap which will “quickly” catch up to the Korean version in terms of content. He however cautioned that there will always be a few “variations” between the eastern and western variations of Lost Ark.

“The western version of Lost Ark will start off a bit behind other versions, but will catch up quickly due to our post-launch content plans,” said Park. “The western and eastern versions of Lost Ark will always have some variations between each other, although you will start to see more similarities in terms of content being released for all players.”

Lost Ark was released in several western regions last month with five classes and 15 specializations. The game however has more classes and specializations in its Korean version. The assassin class for example is yet to receive the reaper specialization in the west. The subclass allows players to become invisible to backstab enemies with increased mobility. There is also the artist class which allows players to use a paintbrush and ink to produce visually appealing (and creative) attacks on-screen.

In another interview from a couple of days back, Park confirmed that Smilegate RPG will be addressing gender-locked classes by introducing opposite genders. The new female Berserker will roll the dice for what will be a long-term goal because the development process needs more time. Lost Ark will also receive new female outfits that are not as revealing as the current ones.

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