Lost Ark’s Gender-Locked Classes Will Be Balanced “Over Time”

Smilegate RPG will be addressing gender-locked classes in Lost Ark by introducing opposite genders to balance the scales.

Lost Ark ties some of its playable classes to specific genders. Warriors for example are all males. Mages and Assassins on the other hand are all females. Martial Artists and Gunners do form a middle ground but the fact remains that even males should be allowed to become spellcasters or thieves.

Speaking with Eurogamer in a recent interview, franchise lead Soomin Park confirmed that developer Smilegate RPG will be addressing gender-locked classes by introducing opposite genders to balance the scales. Lost Ark is already receiving a new female Berserker class for the first time, but Smilegate RPG intends to add more gender counterparts in the future.

“In the future, Smilegate RPG will be creating more counterparts for classes that are still gender locked, and we will bring these to Arkesia in time,” said Park before explaining that the process will need more time.

“This is something that will roll out over time,” he added. “Classes are tied pretty closely to their character models in terms of function and animation, so bringing opposite gender characters to a class takes more work than just making a differently gendered model available.”

Park furthermore noted that Smilegate RPG will be addressing the female outfits in Lost Ark as well which most often are too revealing. The current armor sets will not be altered or replaced because the developer is not in favor of “taking away options” from players. The developer will instead release new female armor that are less revealing.

“We are making adjustments so that the more revealing options won’t be front and center in places like our marketing or the initial character creation screen,” noted Park. “We are also including in some new outfit options that are not quite as revealing, but these are an addition and not a replacement.”

Lost Ark was originally released in South Korea a couple of years back. The massively multiplayer online game went worldwide last month, courtesy of publisher Amazon Games and has since then succeeded in attracting millions of players on a daily basis.

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