Lost Ark Artillerist Leveling Guide

To help you out with leveling up your Artillerist, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you how to efficiently level up your Artillerist and what skills and tripods to invest in when leveling up Artillerist in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Artillerist Leveling

The Artillerist is a heavy-hitter class that deals high damage at slow speeds. Almost all of the Artillerist’s skills deal AoE damage, which is important to note when it comes to leveling him up.

If you want to level up your Artillerist in the quickest and most efficient way possible, you’ll need to unlock the right skills and tripods at each level.

To help you out with that, below we’ve listed down all the tips you need to know when leveling up Artillerist in Lost Ark, including the best skills and tripods to use at each level.

Best Artillerist Leveling Skills

When it comes to leveling a character, the most important thing you need to get right is the skills and tripods you unlock for them at each level.

To level up your Artillerist as quickly as possible, unlock the skills and tripods listed below at their respective levels.


Level 11

Starting off at level 11, the skill you need to unlock is Enhanced Shell. Allocate 4 points into this skill, and it’ll give your Artillerist the ability to apply a powerful Defense Debuff on his enemies.

The tripod you’ll want to unlock for this skill is Armor Destruction.

Level 15

At level 15, allocate 20 points into Gattling Gun. This amazing DPS attack will help you mow down enemies and farm XP easily.

The tripods you’ll want to unlock for this skill are Kill Confirmation and Growth Bullet.

Level 19

At level 19, allocate 20 points into Flamethrower. This is another great DPS skill that will help you clear out large groups of enemies.

You’ll want to unlock the tripods for this skill are Quick Prep and Ranged Flame.

Level 25

At level 25, allocate 20 points into Air Raid and 4 points into Multiple Rocket Launcher and Napalm Shot each. This will increase both your AoE and single-target damage output.

The tripods you’ll want to pick for Air Raid are “Quickfire” and “Lightning Barrage.” For Multiple Rocket Launcher, unlock “Flame Rocket,” and for Napalm Shot, unlock “Wide Explosion.”

Level 30

At level 30, you need to get Air Raid all the way up to level 10. This will help you out a lot in boss fights.

The next tripod you’ll want to unlock for Air Raid is The Big One.

Level 34

At level 34, take away all of your points into Enhanced Shell, Napalm Shot, and Gattling Gun. Now, use these points to max out Multiple Rocket Launcher.

Having Multiple Rocket Launcher maxed out will have a much bigger impact on your damage output than having a few points each in the skills mentioned above. Use the remaining 4 points to level up Summon Turret.

The next two tripods you’ll want to unlock for Multiple Rocket Launcher are Quick Barrage and Access Denied. Then, for Summon Turret, unlock Armor Destruction.

Level 41

At level 41, remove all of the points from Flamethrower. Instead, allocate 20 points into Gravity Explosion and 48 points into Homing Barrage. This will further increase both your AoE and single-target damage.

The tripods you’ll want to pick for Gravity Explosion are The More the Merrier and Sweeping Gravity. For Homing Barrage, pick Guiding Enhancement, Vital Point Bombardment, and Power Bomb.

Level 45

At level 45, allocate 4 points back into Flamethrower and max out Gravity Explosion. The next tripod you’ll want to pick for Gravity Explosion is Planetary Gravity. And for Flamethrower, unlock Quick Prep.

Level 50

Once you reach level 50, play the main story quest to Vern City until you reach the point where you’re told to visit Beatrice in Trixion. When you complete this questline of hers, you’ll be rewarded with Energy Field and Missile Barrage.

Once you’ve unlocked these skills, max out Energy Field and put 4 more points into Napalm Shot.

Artillerist Leveling Tips and Tricks

Now that you know the order of skills you need to follow for Artillerist Leveling let’s go over some useful tips and tricks that will help you farm more XP during your playthrough.

Get the Highest Level Gear

While leveling up your Artillerist, the gear you use for the character has to be of the highest level possible to farm XP efficiently.

If you use low-level gear, you won’t be able to farm much XP, even if you follow the skill order perfectly.

Complete Main Story Quests

Without a doubt, the best way to farm XP in Lost Ark is to simply just play through the main story quest.

Not only will you be able to farm XP from mob encounters during quests, but you’ll also receive bonus XP for each quest you do.

So make sure to focus on main story quests instead of getting distracted by side quests if you want to level up your Artillerist as quickly as possible.

Best Combat Stats

The best Combat Stats for the Artillerist are undoubtedly Crit, Specialization, and Swiftness.

Crit and Specialization will increase damage output while Swiftness will increase mobility. This will help you take out enemies much quicker.