Lost Ark Artillerist Abilities, Engravings, Builds and Tips

Artillerist is one of the four Gunner classes in Lost Ark. This class is a well-known weapon Weidler during combat, making them a catastrophic force to be reckoned with. In this guide, we’ll be going through the Lost Ark Artillerist class in detail, from its strength and weaknesses to Skills and required Tripods.

Lost Ark Artillerist Class

Artillerist is a heavy-hitting Gunner Class in Lost Ark. If you’re the type of player who loves causing mayhem against your opponents, then this class is best suitable for your playstyle.

Artillerists carry light weapons and wield mechanical launchers, explosives, and heavy armor, making them one destructive force to cross paths with.

Artillerist Strengths and Weaknesses

When there may be strengths to the Artillerist class, it’s impossible to think that such a hard-hitting combat class has any weaknesses. So let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of Artillerist in Lost Ark.


  • Consists of average damage mitigation.
  • Can carry a significant number of super armors.
  • Capable of dealing high damage.


  • Despite being highly damageable, this class has low mobility.
  • Doesn’t possess party buffs
  • Sometimes tricky to handle.

Artillerist Engravings

Every class in Lost Ark consists of their own Engravings that lay out class abilities to master. Like every other class, Artillerist also possesses its own Engraving: Firepower Enhancement and Barrage.

Firepower Enhancement

Firepower Enhancement is heavily focused on PvE leveling and, with its massive increase in Critical rate, also deals an amazing amount of damage during your burst window.

This particular engraving provides this class with a 30% damage reduction with a 25-35% increase in Critical Rate.


Barrage is mainly focused on enhancing your Identity Skills. This Engraving isn’t best suitable for Artillerist since this class is mostly used for heavy assault and isn’t used to being unprotected during combat.

Barrage provides a cooldown reset to all Barrage Skills upon killing an opponent, increasing an additional 2% skill damage.

Best Artillerist Skills and Tripods

The Artillerist class consists of a fine set of skills and Tripods. Below we’ve given the best Skills and Tripods to use as the Artillerist advanced class in Lost Ark.

Enhanced Shell

This is your standard damage skill possessing a low cooldown. Using this skill, you can receive constant buffs within a short period. The recommended tripods for this skill are Vital Point Bombardment and Bullet Enhancement.


Using this skill, you can perform an AoE attack via a Flamethrower which can come in handy during hard-hitting combat. The recommended tripods for this skill are Vital Point Attack, Shield, and Incinerate.

Air Raid

Like the Flamethrower skill, Air Raid is also used to perform AoE attacks. Using this skill, you can shower your opponent with rain coming from above, additionally lifting them in midair, dealing additional damage.

The recommended tripods for this skill are Quickfire, Lightning Bombardment and The Big One.

Plasma Storm

Again, an AoE attack for the Artillerist Skillset. Using this skill, you can create an AoE storm dealing 5% damage each half a second via medium stagger. The recommended tripod for this skill is Swift Fingers.

Napalm Shot

Probably the last AoE attack on the list. Using this skill, you can launch the opponent in the air while setting the floor on fire dealing DoT. The recommended tripods for this skill are Wide Explosion, Flash Explosion, and Chain Explosion

Gravity Explosion

The name of this skill pretty much gives away its use. Using this skill, you can lift your opponent above in midair via a gravitational force which then explodes, dealing a jaw-dropping amount of damage, dropping the opponent back to the ground.

The recommended tripods for this skill are The More The Merrier, Sturdy Armor, and Planetary Gravity.

Homing Barrage

Using this skill, you can perform a Stagger attack which can be placed. Additionally, it deals damage upon explosion, launching the opponent in the air. The recommended tripods for this skill are Guiding Enhancement, Vital Point Bombardment, and Power Bomb.

Energy Field

Using this skill, you can summon a shield that soaks up 31% damage equivalent to the opponent’s max health for the next 4 seconds. The recommended tripods for this skill are Field Release and Shield Enhancement.

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