Lost Ark Alteisen Island Guide

This guide will explain everything to know about Alteisen Island in Lost Ark and how to complete it.

Lost Ark has quite a big map and has a lot of small islands that can be discovered. These small islands typically have some loot and materials that can be obtained from there. One of such islands is the Alteisen Island. This guide will explain everything to know about Alteisen Island in Lost Ark and how to complete it.

Where is the Alteisen Island Located in Lost Ark?

The Alteisen island is located south of Arthetine, and it is always available on the map and can be visited anytime. However, the boss ‘Sol Grande’ that spawns on the island is not always available and spawns randomly. You can use your Procyon’s compass to see if the boss is available or not.

The Alteisen Island in Lost Ark gives the players a lot of vertical and sideways progression chances.

The main things that can be done on this island are collecting four Mokoko seeds present at the island and completing a purple quest that will allow you to unlock an uncommon engraving of your choice.

How to Get the Alteisen Island Token

To obtain the Alteisen Island Token, you will have to take down the Sol Grande Boss. The Sol Grande Boss spawns at random times, and you can use Procyon’s Compass to see if he is currently spawned or not.

To get the Island Token, you may have to take down Sol Grande several times, as the drop rate of the Alteisen Island Token is low.

Alteisen Island Quests

You can also partake in some quests at the Alteisen Island for Vertical and sideways progression. In the purple quest, you will be helping out a robot with different tasks. Completing the Robot quests will reward you with seven uncommon engraving books.

After helping out the robot, there are some more quests which you can do by talking to the engineer at Athertine’s main city. Completing these quests will reward you with sea coins and stat boost potions.

Lost Ark Alteisen Island Mokoko Seed Locations

We will start by explaining the locations of Mokoko Seeds that can be found on the island.

Mokoko Seed #1

The first Mokoko Seed can be found behind a metal shed located in the left part of the land. For your ease, we have an image showing the map location as well.

Mokoko Seed #2

The second Mokoko seed can be found at the following map location, at the cliff’s edge in front of some metal boxes.

Mokoko Seed #3 and #4

The last two Mokoko Seeds are present at the same location, in the top left corner of the map. This is because they are located in a hidden house.

Lost Ark Alteisen Island Mokoko Seed

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