Lost Ark Sol Grande World Boss Guide

In Lost Ark, you can go through different worlds and defeat their bosses. Each of these bosses drops Tier 2...

In Lost Ark, you can go through different worlds and defeat their bosses. Each of these bosses drops Tier 2 rewards that can help you progress through the tier. This guide talks about the Sol Grande Tier 2 boss and provides you with tips and tricks to defeat it.

Where to Find Sol Grande World Boss in Lost Ark?

Before you take on the World Boss, you first need to reach Item Level 1040. Without the required level, your attacks will register no hits on the boss, and it will be immune to you.

The Sol Grande boss spawns on the island of Alteisen. The island is located just to the south of the Arthestine sea. It is a small island that is the home to Sol Grande World Boss. To make the boss appear, you first need to wait for the event to spawn.

You can check the event time by opening the Lost Ark calendar and selecting the Sol Grande world boss from the field boss tab. Then, head to the island to fight the boss.

How to Defeat Sol Grande World Boss in Lost Ark

Unlike other World Bosses, Sol Grande is pretty bland in its fighting style. The boss has common attacks that you can block or dodge easily. However, the damage dealt by its attacks is quite deadly.

Below are the attacks of the boss that you should look out for:

  • Charge – The boss will charge in the forward direction and deal damage to anything that gets in its path. Look out for a red rectangle on the floor to know where it will go.
  • Bomb Throw – Throws a bomb at the targeted area. Look for the area where the bomb will land and dodge away from it.
  • Sideways Slam – Slams the ground with both hands and blows up the area. You will be able to tell the area where it will slam its hands.
  • Whirlwind – The boss will start spinning after putting its arms wide like a T-pose. If you get caught by it, you will get damaged badly.
  • Air Strike – The boss will start spinning around and send dozens of missiles into the area. The safest strategy is to get under the blue spinning arms of the boss.
  • Ground and Pound – Starts slamming the ground repeatedly and deals a huge blow if you get within its melee range. Get back from the boss when it gets on the ground.

Look out for all of these attacks and keep dealing damage to the boss after each attack to defeat it.

Sol Grande World Boss Rewards

Once it has been defeated, you will get the following rewards:

  • Alteisen Island Soul
  • Secret Map
  • Corrupted Light Necklace
  • Corrupted Light Earrings
  • Corrupted Light Ring
  • Corrupted Shadow Earrings
  • Corrupted Shadow Ring
  • Level 1 Azure Gem
  • Level 1 Farsae Gem
  • Destruction Stone
  • Guardian Stone
  • Moon’s Breath (bound)
  • Relic
  • Bleed
  • Sol Grande (card)
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare)
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Epic)
  • XP Card