How To Unlock The Inferno Magic Shop In Lords Of The Fallen

Complete all the steps to unlock the Inferno Vendor and purchase the best spells.

The Inferno shop in Lords of the Fallen is an optional shop you can easily miss without taking the proper steps. It’s well worth unlocking, especially for Pyromancy builds, since it offers a wide selection of inferno-based equipment and spells.

In this guide, we’ll go over the various steps necessary to unlock this obscure vendor.

1. Find the Skyrest Bridge Key

The first step in unlocking the Inferno Shop vendor in Lords of the Fallen is the longest. You’ll want to begin from the Vestige of Chabui in the Sanctuary of Baptism. From there, proceed down the stairs and onto the open platform, then take a right turn. Directly ahead, you’ll see a ladder that leads to a platform below, and on this lower platform, another ladder that descends even further.

Go down these ladders, and from the base, proceed through the long path to the left of the ladder. Make sure to clear the mobs along the way since you’ll need to jump on some suspended platforms precisely.

After jumping from the second suspended platform onto the broken bridge, clear the mobs along the way and climb the ladder at the end. From here, clear the mobs again and be wary of another mob around the corner of the path ahead. You can destroy his cover from a distance or maneuver around the corner to avoid getting pushed off in Lords of the Fallen.

Once you turn around the corner, there will be a small hallway you can go through, hosting some roaming mobs. Dispatch them and make your way to the end of the hall to find an elevator a little to the right. Hop onto this elevator and ride it to the top.

From here, make your way past the fountain in the middle and down the stairs a little to the side. Go straight until you reach an open path to the right that leads onto a bridge. Run to the end of this bridge path, and you will see a slight opening to the right. If you peer below, you’ll see a small isolated platform with a lootable body that holds a potent weapon.

In any event, you’ll need to make use of your lamp here while in the Living world. Raising your lamp will reveal an umbral path that you can walk on, which extends above this isolated platform. Move with your lamp raised until you’re just above the platform, then lower your lamp to drop onto it.

Now that you’re on the platform, enter the Umbral Realm and go forward in Lords of the Fallen. You can pull a body up ahead to extend a bridge that will lead you to the other side. Be careful since some enemies may have spawned behind you, and some tough enemies will also be present going forward.

In any event, once you extend the bridge, cross it and take a left turn. In the middle of this path, you’ll see a body that you can soulflay. Do so, and the body will drop the Skyrest Bridge Key that you need to unlock Inferno Vendor Shop in LOTF.

2. Obtain the Searing Accusation Catalyst

With the Skyrest Bridge Key now in your possession, the next step involves looking for the Searing Accusation Catalyst. Fortunately, you’re not that far from where you need to be. From where you currently are, proceed on your path to the left of the body you soulflay.

Once you cross the bone bridge, take a left. Proceed forward till you cross the small pile of rubble, which leads back to the bridge that you first arrived at. Here, take a right turn opposite the bridge, and you’ll see a large door inside. You can open this door with the Skyrest Bridge Key, and you’ll find yourself in the Skyrest Bridge in Lords of the Fallen.

The next step is a little tedious. As you enter the Umbral Realm, a ladder to the side, leading to a door blocked by eldritch vines, will spawn. Destroying these vines requires you to Soulflay three bodies hidden in the area.

For the first body, cross the bridge from where you entered and take a right from where it ended. Turn again until you’re facing a chasm beneath. You will notice a body connected to a platform which you can drag. Drag the platform and then jump onto it.

Once below, you can turn around to find the first body that you need to soulflay in Lords of the Fallen. Do so, and one of the umbral vines blocking the path to the Searing Accusation Catalyst will come undone.  

With that done, drag the platform you’re on to the other side and use a ladder to make your way back up to the bridge. From here, go across the bridge again and peer up to the left. You will notice the second body that you can soulflay right here, so get the process over with.

For the final body, go back to the bridge where the ladder leading to the umbral vines is. Climb this ladder and look to the right, and you’ll be able to target the third and final body easily.

With the body soulflayed, the vines will all disappear shortly after, and you will be able to access the room in the front. In this room will be another lone body like the one that held the Skyrest Bridge key, so soulflay it. Once you do it, the body will drop the Searing Accusation Catalyst that you need to unlock the Inferno Shop in Lords of the Fallen.

3. Free the Tortured Prisoner

With the Searing Accusation Catalyst in hand, you must now speak to the Tortured Prisoner NPC nearby. To get to her, cross the bridge again and stick to the left, where you will find a staircase leading upwards. Take a right turn once you reach the top, and you should see her in a cell nearby.

With the Searing Accusation Catalyst in your inventory, you will get the prompt to hand it over. Do this, and she will laugh. After resting at any Vestige, she will disappear from the cell.

To find her after she disappears, you can go back to the arena where you fought the boss ‘Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal’ at the top of Skyrest Bridge. Far in the distance, you will find the Tortured Prisoner standing by her lonesome, now available as an Inferno Vendor shop in LOTF.

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