Locked Twitter Account May Point To New Fable Game For Xbox Series X

Recently, a user on Reddit has discovered a locked Twitter account with the curious handle of Fable. From this, people are starting to guess that it’s the official Twitter account of a new Fable game that Microsoft may be announcing for the Xbox Series X during its July game presentation.

The Fable series, originally developed by Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios, hasn’t been seen in years in gaming. The most recent game for it, Fable Legends, ended up being cancelled in 2016 and Lionhead Studios dissolved. However, the series may be making a comeback.

Ordinarily, this could just be said to be any sort of Twitter account that someone made and then shut down, but there’s a good amount of evidence that Microsoft may be keeping it reserved for the time being and just hasn’t gotten around to using it yet, despite previous rumors.

First off, the handle on the account is Fable, which is already one hint that it’s a new Fable game. Secondly, it’s been locked and labeled a placeholder, which would be an odd thing to do if someone were planning to come back to it. Thirdly, it only was started in March, and has remained locked that whole time.

While we have no idea of what sort of games Microsoft will be announcing at its games presentation when it finally comes out, the possibility of Fable making a return may be a good way to get more people to buy the Xbox Series X.

After all, despite its many flaws (which mainly came from Peter Molyneux promising too much and not being able to deliver), the Fable series did have a sizable number of fans and a large world to explore.

If a new Fable game actually is in the making, hopefully whatever studio is developing it can restore it not just to its former glory but also surpassing anything that Molyneux and Lionhead were able to do with it. However, we won’t know for sure that it’s a new game until Microsoft actually announces it.