New Rumor Suggests That Fable 4 Is In Development

Another rumor hints to Fable 4 being in development. News about a Microsoft project is to drop on Monday and the hype train has just started.

It’s not the first time hear a rumor about Fable 4 is in development. Although Microsoft is cryptic about it, multiple sources have reported that a new game is indeed in the works under the supervision of Playground Games. Now, a new rumor comes up to spark up the hearts of fans.

According to the new rumor, which originates from one of IGN’s editors, there will be a “very exciting piece” coming on Monday. Isn’t this screaming Fable 4? Given the fact that more rumors are popping up claiming that a “fantasy world” game and a “reboot” for Microsoft is in development, we do want to believe this one is what it seems to be.

Another rumor states that “fans won’t have to wait much longer”, which foretells that it is about a game that Microsoft games have been long for long. In terms of logic, it’s possible for Microsoft to be giving Fable a comeback for Xbox Series X. Especially since the company is making a major comeback to first-party titles this year.

As far as we know, Playground Games could be behind this project. The studio has been hiring aggressively for its internal projects. Apart from the next Forza game, the studio makes word of a new fantasy IP. Phil Spencer has revealed before that the franchise is far from dead. Microsoft intends to not overhype the development of games. Some games might not get developed as fast as fans think and Microsoft doesn’t want to take chances with their most prestigious projects. The company has made no comments on Fable 4 yet. If this project exists though, we shall hear about it in the months to come.

Take under consideration that rumors are nothing more than empty words so you should always take them with a grain of salt. If and when Microsoft feels like it’s the right time to make an announcement about Fable 4 or a reboot title, we will know for sure.

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