Lies Of P New Game Plus (NG+) Guide

You can start a new game plus run in Lies of P after beating the game for the first time.

In Lies of P, you can continue playing the game on the New Game Plus mode (NG+) with some of the goodies carrying over from your earlier playthrough. The NG+ has a lot of cool and amazing features in it, like the ability to carry your level and stats, weapons and records, and more.  

The enemies also will have larger amounts of health, and they will deal more damage to you to compensate. But it’s important to know what gets carried over, and what doesn’t, and what new features you enjoy. In this guide, we will show what the NG+ is in the Lies of P and how to unlock it in the Lies of P. 

How to Start the New Game Plus in Lies of P? 

The new game plus mode (NG+) will be available to you after finishing the main storyline of Lies of P. Watch the ending cinematics and wait for the ending credits to roll. You will be able to jump back in once it is done.  

You will be able to keep most of the things like player level and stats that you had in the previous playthrough. There will also be new items and collectibles in NG+ and more difficult bosses and enemies. This will keep your game balanced to a certain degree. 

What carries over in NG+ in the Lies of P? 

In New Game Plus mode (MG+), you can carry over the following things in the Lies of P. 

  1. Player level and stats 
  1. P-Organ Upgrades 
  1. Weapons  
  1. Currency(Ergo)  
  1. Costumes 
  1. Defensive parts 
  1. Legion Arms 
  1. Amulets  
  1. Gestures  
  1. Records 
  1. Stargazers Features  
  1. All items except Key Items and Recollection items will be related to certain quests 

Things that do not carry over in NG+ 

Certain elements will not carry over in the new game plus mode in the Lies of P. They are the following.  

  1. All collectibles except recollection items. 
  1. Key items and recollections items that are related to the progress of the main story and certain quest s
  1. Krat Supply Boxes 
  1. Venigni Collections 

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