Legends of Runeterra Best Decks Guide

Master the newly released Legends of Runeterra trading game with this list of some of the best decks in the game to ensure easy wins

Riot Games has long been associated with League of Legends mainly but they are finally branching out and recently released Legends of Runeterra. We decided to compile a list of Legends of Runeterra best decks for this trading card game.

Legends of Runeterra Best Decks

As for every other card game you would need a promising deck of cards. The game is fairly new so building a deck and other gameplay features are quite confusing. Worry not too much as this guide is all about a bunch of decks you can opt to build.

Which champions are the best? Which regions will work well together? What cards must you have in your deck?

Well luckily all these questions will be answered shortly, thanks to the card buying mechanism the game has, you won’t have any difficulty buying the card of your choice. Following are some of the best decks you can build

Spell-Flux Zoo
This deck has a very high percentage of win rate! This deck is all about creating turrets to overpower your enemies. You will be using cards from “Piltover and Zaun” and Shadow Isle classes. This deck is quite similar to Heimerdinger with a few differences.

The Heimerdinger being on board castes a spell creating Turret and when combined with Clump of Whumps and Chump Whumps the whole turret creation process speeds up. Having a Corina Veraza along will guarantee upto five damage to all enemies in unfavorable conditions!

The Code to build this deck is CEBAIAIFAEHRIHAHAECAQCQZFY2DKOQCAEAQIBACAECSGLQBAEAQKEQ. And you will need 30000 Shards for this deck

Control Braum
One of the strongest decks you could build as it contains cards from Frejloprd and Ionia region. The champions you primarily use are Braum and Tryndamere but if you are lucky enough in the start you could use a Babbling Bjerg to draw and Avarosan Hearthquard. Minah Swiftfoot and She Who Wonders will keep your enemies from reaching close.

You could also consider using Wyrding Stones early to get faster and this allows your allies to get on board quicker which is effective against the opponent. Just make good calls about when and what to put out, draw and buff a lot and your board will be unbeatable

Barrier Fiora
A bunch of combinations that you may use with this deck are rotating around at the moment but this is basically all about keeping Fiora alive using barriers! Shen and Fiora together are a great threat to enemy!

Once Fiora has killed two enemy units an objective opens for her where she has to kill four more without dying to win the game. Even though this sounds difficult but thanks to a bunch of damage nullifying cards this deck has which keeps Fiora alive and gets the job done.

Throughout you must ensure using Shen’s Shields including the BrightSteel Protector, Ki Guardian, Prismatic Barrier, Riposte and Spirit’s Refugee as these cards will protect Fiora and let her level up fast.

You can also force enemies in for a duet using Fiora’s Challenging ability if they are not willing to fight

The code for this build is CEBAMAICCMQCKKZQG4DQCAAJDIOSAJJNGUAACAIBAADQ and will cost you 36750 shards!

Jinx Draven Discard
This deck focuses on running your opponent out of cards. Draven’s Spining Axe is the main feature of this deck as you can create more of them as the round goes on.

Use the Axe to get rid of weaker units like Sump Dredger and Zaunite first and gradually shift towards stronger ones more specifically Rummage, Jinx and Augmented Experimenter.

As the Axe is re-creatable you can deal a substantial amount of damage before your opponent can even respond.

Draven’s Biggest Fan allows you to use Draven whenever you want as it takes him to the top of the deck. Jinx will strike first and will give you Super Mega Death Rockets that deal 4 to enemy nexus and 1 to all other enemies and keeps on adding value

The code for this deck is CEBAGAIDCQRSOCQBAQAQYDISDQTCOKBNGQAACAIBAMFQ and cost 43650 Shards.

Warmother Control
Featuring Anivia and Tryndamere from Freljord and Shadow Isless region makes this deck quite promising and is considered the strongest deck right now. The strategy you adopt with this deck is being patient and reach the late game where things start turning in your favor.

Using Wyrding Stones is a must as it will ramp up your mana and will take you into late game gradually. Use the Ruination and Avalanche to clear out enemies dealing a killing damage and a damage of 2 to all units.

You can also use the spells to avoid damage which will bring down the opponent’s morale down. Anivia will play her role here and deal a damage of 1 to all units.

This strategy will let you finally summon Avarosan Hearthguard which will let your allies help as well which will eventually strengthen the cards you play later on

The code to build this deck is CEBAIAIFAEHSQNQIAEAQGDAUDAQSOKJUAIAQCBI5AEAQCFYA and cost 44700 shards