Legends of Runeterra Keywords Guide

Card games have been a part of human history for centuries. In the modern era, these card games have been included in consoles, one such game is Legends of Runeterra. Legends of Runeterra is really complex to play, as there are many strategies and decisions to make. Also, there are some newly introduced mechanics and keywords that you might be unfamiliar with. That is where this Legends of Runeterra Keywords Guide comes in.

Understanding these Keywords can help you win the game, in this guide, we have given every keyword available in the game in alphabetic order along with their use. Let’s start the battle!

Legends of Runeterra Unit Keywords

In Legends of Runeterra, your combat units are the warriors; each having their individual abilities. These warriors will stand by your side on the battlefield. If used properly, their abilities and skills can favor you in the battle.

Allegiance cards are of Great Worth in single-region decks as they reward you if your next card is of the same region.

Attack effect is triggered once the enemy unit attacks in the combat. Keep in mind that the triggering occurs before the attack even happens.

If a unit that possesses barrier won’t deal damage in the next combat phase. The effect is only triggered when the creature is summoned. Barrier also helps you keep your companion units alive. So, this is a very handy keyword if used properly.

A card is eliminated from the game once it is captured. The only way it can return is when the unit that captured it, leaves. These captured units are not allowed to communicate with either players at all.

Can’t Block
Any friendly unit having “Can’t Block” are not permitted to block the attacks of the opponent units.

This keyword attack allows units to pick any weak adversary to get rid-off and continue their survival in the game. Fiora is a major example when it comes to Challenger units.

This keyword makes sure that the cards are eliminated from the game by all means possible. This keyword is very impactful as anything obliterated can’t be revived which makes the opponent very irritated in some cases.

Double Attack
When using the Double Attack, a unit can take down few of the massive adversaries with valuable trades in their possession.

Usually Drain is used to refer spells in place of units. This keyword helps the friendly nexus recover from the damage dealt.

Exclusive is a VIP keyword, as it prevents any ordinary unit to block the units having Exclusive. Since the units with Exclusive can only be blocked by other units with Exclusive, it can get frustrating for the enemies to deal with.

This keyword effect makes you Enlightened once you’ve reached a maximum of 10 mana hits.

Any unit having the Ephemeral keyword dies at the end of a round. Mostly overstated units having this keyword die after a single strike, as they can’t gain any further value.

Fearsome units can easily force the enemies to perform unfavorable trades. Also, these units can’t be blocked by foes having Power less then 3.

Fleeting is a keyword that is mostly held by units that create cheap spells. If not used at the end of the round, these cards are of no use.

Frostbite reduces the Power of a unit directly to zero. The frostbite is recommended to be accompanied by Challenger to wipe out powerful opponents and forcing them to take hard decisions.

Last Breath
This effect is Often found in Shadow Isles cards and it takes place after the death of a unit.

Your Nexus is recovered upon the damage received by a Lifesteal unit.

Nexus Strike
This effect is triggered once the opponent Nexus is attacked by a unit, it can be blocked but due to the powerful effects, the Nexus is hit more likely.

Additionally, the damage dealt by a unit with Overwhelm keyword is reported on the opponent Nexus

This is a type of ability that can be triggered once you play a card from your hand; ranging from card generation to enemy disruption.

Quick Attack
Quick attack allows your unit to attack your opponent before the enemy even retaliates; that why it’s called a quick attack! In return your unit won’t deal any damage once the enemy is killed.

Ready Your Attack
Activating the “Ready Your Attack”, results in an Attack Token which tells you the right moment to attack the adversary.

Recall allows the player to return their units to their hand, this tactic distracts the opponent’s momentum which leads you to make many decisions by using this keyword.

Regeneration is an ability that restores the health of a unit at the beginning of each around, resulting in a valuable trade once survived each hit.

Skill is a unit’s ability that you can respond to.

Strike effect are very easy to understand, as they only trigger when a unit deals damage, damages caused by attacks such as: 0 Power or frostbitten unit.

Stun prevents the adversary unit from attacking or blocking for the entire round. This effect is very useful when facing big units that you want to avoid on the battlefield.

When being attacked, the support effect helps the unit on the right. Shen is a prime example of this effect. He provides Barrier as support to the unit on his right, which makes him superior when fused with Fiora.

Tough units take one less damage from all sources. Meaning, they’re going to last longer than anyone else on the battlefield as they deal 0 damage from 1-power units. To make it simple, these guys are hard to kill.

Once “Trap” is attached to a card, it traps it. When the card is drawn, use the moment in your favor and perform this effect.

The casting of spells in Legends of Runeterra is quite limited as you can only cast a spell before the opponent can act. Out of all the spells used in the game, there are few that can surpass these limitations.

Which is determined by their speed: Slow, Fast or Burst. This section of Legends of Runeterra Keywords Guide focuses on the explanation of these spell keywords.

Slow spells can only be cast before or after a combat; and not during it. Thermogenic Beam deals a good amount of damage to a unit but can only be performed when the opponent is able to retaliate with a faster spell.

You can cast a Fast spell anytime you want and the opposition can respond after the spell has been cast. Just keep in mind that it’s most useful when the opponent is casting even faster.

These spells are probably the fastest out of all three. Just like Fast Spells, these spells can also be executed at any desired time. What makes it different from the other spells is that it can’t be responded to.

There’s a spell called Rummage; it enables the player to Discard 2 cards in order to draw 2. Once those cards are drawn, the player can use them

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