Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Mini Games Guide

How to get maximum score and rewards when playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Mini Games.

If you are looking for heart pieces to increase your health bar, mini-games in A Link Between Worlds is going to be your best shot. Apart from heart pieces, there are other rewards too like rupees and upgrades you will find lucrative.

Some of the mini-games, however, are somewhat tricky, and you will need a strategy to get maximum out of them.

If you are looking for information on these mini-games, the following guide will help you find them and beat them with an effective strategy.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Mini Games

Treacherous Tower

You need to find the tower of Hera. Once you get there, the Devilish girl will grant you the mini-game. It will cost you 100, 200 and 300 rupees respectively for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced difficulties.

How to Get High Score
As the name indicates, Treacherous Tower won’t go easy on you. You are going to need top notch gear and better combination to survive the heat. Things you will be needing are Tornado Rod, Ice Rod, Fire Rod along with the Blue Mail or the Red Mail.


You will be using Tornado Rod to stun enemies while the Ice and Fire Rods will be used to deal damage to the enemies.

Try to use Fire rod on Icy enemies while the Ice rod on the burning enemies. This way, you will be able to deal extra damage to the monstrous foes.

After each round, you will be rewarded with rupees.

If you beat your previous round, you will get some extra cash and so on. On beating the Intermediate stage, you will be rewarded with a heart piece.

If you beat the advanced stage, you will be rewarded with Super Lamp and Super Net.

Octoball Derby

You need to find the small groove of trees in the southwest of the Vacant House weather vane. There, Derby boy will grant you the mini-game for 50 rupees per time.

How to Get High Score
First, you need to memorize the where ball is going to be as compare to the dirt mark where Link is standing. Next, you will need a bit of practice with the Stance.

You can use stance to change the path of the ball to some degree.

If you manage to push the ball all the way up, Link will most probably hit the pitcher with the ball which will make pitcher to pitch another one quickly. And yes, don’t forget to hit the birds that fly across to get the maximum points.

Depending on your performance, you will be rewarded rupees. If you manage to get score 100 or higher than 100, you will be rewarded with a heart piece.

Fortune’s Choice

In Lorule (or in Hyrule), you will find this mini-game on the east side of the Thieves’ Town.

How to Get High Score
Well, it’s a fortune game so all you need is a good luck to get better rewards.

The rewards are random and all you need is a little luck for better rewards. Usually, you will be rewarded with rupees, Heart Pieces or may be a silver rupee.

Rupee Rush

You can find this mini-game in Hyrule (also in Lorule), to the Southwest side of Kakariko Village.

How to Get High Score
Pegasus Boots are crucial to get high scores in Rupee Rush. The time won’t be shown on-screen so you might have to note it manually. Link won’t get any rupees after 30-second timer, or if he talks to the lady too soon.

Your goal should be to cut as many bushes as possible in the given time. If you have Great Spin Ability at your disposal, your chances of scoring extra will be increased.

If you manage to score 100 or higher, you will be rewarded by a piece of heart otherwise, you will get the amount of money you managed to gather during the session.

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