Zelda: Breath of the Wild Myahm Agana Shrine Guide

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Myahm Agana Shrine guide to help you solve the Labyrinth puzzle in order to complete Myahm Agana Shrine.

Making full use of the motion controls of Switch, Zelda Breath of the Wild features some gyro puzzles that can be quite frustrating. One of these is the Zelda BOTW Myahm Agana shrine where you have to navigate a ball through a maze. If you are struggling to complete this Zelda Breath of the Wild Myahm Agana shrine, let us help you out.

Where to find Zelda BOTW Myahm Agana shrine

Myahm Agana in Zelda BOTW is a Necluda region shrine. To find it, go to the east of the Necluda region. As you pass the Hateno Village, look for this Shrine towards your left. You will find it on a ledge there across the Village.

Accessing the Myahm Agana Shrine doesn’t require you to defeat some enemies or solve a puzzle. You can enter the Shrine as soon as you find it. Inside it, you will find a chaotic ball puzzle which you then need to solve to complete the Shrine.

How to complete Zelda Breath of the Wild Myahm Agana shrine

Myahm Agana shrine in Zelda BOTW presents players with the “Myahm Agana Apparatus” challenge. What the challenge means is that you essentially have to interact with an apparatus that will turn your console into a motion control device for the ball.

Once players enter the shrine, they need to turn right and climb to the top using the stairs. At the top of the stairs will be a console which they need to activate to start the puzzle which will require them to navigate a ball through the labyrinth.

There is a loot chest within the maze that doesn’t require you to solve the puzzle itself. To reach this, tilt the maze towards you and then glide toward the corner of the maze. Once on the ground, climb the slope in front of you and you will see the chest. Open the chest to get Phrenic Bow.


As for the main puzzle itself, you will either have to go through the frustrating Myahm Agana apparatus challenge and navigate the ball slowly through the maze, or you can cheat a bit with the motion controls.

To easily complete the Myahm Agana shrine challenge, flip over the maze completely. This way, the ball will fall on the flat side of the platform instead of within the maze.

This next part requires a bit of practice and precise timing. Slightly tilt the maze towards the platform where you want to move the ball and as it is slowly rolling, you need to flick the maze so it acts as a jump pad for the ball and sends it flying. Kind of like a see-saw.

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