League of Legends Embraces Ghost Rider Mythos With High Noon Skins

%%excerpt%% The "devils living among us" are come out in League of Legends with a brand new cosmetic lineup called the High Noon skins.

The “devils living among us” are come out in League of Legends with a brand new cosmetic lineup called the High Noon skins.

While new offerings are traditionally leaked through the Public Beta Environment (PBE) well before the official announcements, Riot Games took the lead this time around by sending out ominous teasers earlier this week.

The developer then followed with a scorching cinematic trailer to make it official before dropping the necessary details today for the anxious community.

Lucian, Thresh, and Urgot will be the champions to receive the new High Noon skins in the coming weeks. The striking theme fuses the wild west and the damned for a creepy presence on the Rift.

They also look extremely appealing, making it fairly evident that players who main the said champions are going to consider parting with their hard-earned money.

High Noon Lucian

The federal marshal is half man and half demon, donning a fiery split cape and two vicious sidearms from hell itself.

He embraces his demonic side when activating his ultimate ability, transforming into something not from this world and backed by new sound effects.

The Legendary High Noon Lucian is ready to vanquish demonsenemies with guns blazing.

This is a legendary and the fifth skin for Lucian, and will cost 1850 RP.

High Noon Thresh

The cowboy demon has both a flaming whip and lasso, the former of which he uses to flay enemies and the latter to rope them in.

Completing the western attire is a burning cow skull that leaves behind a trail of embers and smoke, perhaps a tribute to the Ghost Rider franchise?

High Noon Thresh saddles up and hits the Rift.

This is the sixth skin for Thresh and will cost 1350 RP. He already has a legendary option with Dark Star Thresh.

High Noon Urgot

The monstrosity appears to have been forged in the fires of hell using railroad steel. He lugs a smokestack around and throws dynamite at the feet of his enemies.

His ultimate sounds off a train horn as ugly chains jut out to pull the victim into a compactor of sorts.

High Noon Urgot charges onto the Rift.

This is the fourth skin for Urgot and the first since his recent rework, and will cost 1350 RP. The last time the champion received a skin was six years ago with Battlecast Urgot.

This is not the first time League of Legends is hearing about High Noon skins. Yasuo, Jhin, and Twisted Fate were the first to be featured in this lineup. However, those versions were more akin to a playful western style as opposed to demonic elements.

Riot Games should release the new High Noon skins when League of Legends receives its next major update either later this month or early next month.

Elsewhere, Nunu and Willump are about to receive their much-awaited overhaul. Their new abilities, as well as their new character models and animations, were detailed earlier today.

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