Nunu and Willump Create Massive Snowballs With New League of Legends Kit

%%excerpt%% The lively boy Nunu and his trusty yeti Willump have received their much-awaited (and much-needed) overhaul in League of Legends.

The lively boy Nunu and his trusty yeti Willump have received their much-awaited (and much-needed) overhaul in League of Legends.

Posting on the official website earlier today, Riot Games revealed that the duo will now be working together — borrowing heart and strength from each other — to have fun adventures together on the Freljordian plains.

The overhauled kit introduces new abilities and improvements to the previous ones, while retaining the signature wintry theme in entirety.

Starting with the new passive ability, Call of the Freljord, that increases attack and movement speed for Willump and a nearby ally for a few seconds. This bonus can be attained by damaging enemy champions, structures, or large monsters in the jungle. In addition, Willump gets to cleave the immediate area while the buff lasts.

Consume (Q) has mostly stayed the same and still does true damage to monsters and minions for heals. With the overhaul, however, Willump can now bite enemy champions as well. The cast time has been shortened, and the ability heals more if the duo has low health.

Biggest Snowball Ever! (W) is one of the new abilities that has the League of Legends community extremely excited. Nunu and Willump start rolling a snowball that increases in size the farther it is pushed, exploding and knocking up nearby enemies upon impact. The ability can also be reactivated to break free but the amount of damage and knockup depends on the travel distance.

Snowball Barrage (E) is the next new offering on the docket. Nunu rapidly fires three volleys of snowballs, marking enemies and slowing them in the process. Any marked targets that remain within an area close to Willump after the ability ends will become briefly rooted.

Absolute Zero (R) was obviously always going to return as the ultimate ability in League of Legends. Nunu and Willump sap heat from their surroundings to channel a devastating explosion. The longer the enemies remain inside the designated area, the slower they become. In addition, Nunu and Willump receive a nifty shield during the channeling.

The champion update certainly appears to be designed around having fun. The duo should find it much easier now to go solo in the top lane, as well as having a greater impact in the jungle. Riot Games has even updated all the existing splash arts to coincide with the overhauling.

Expect the new Nunu and Willump pair to start snowballing in League of Legends in either two or three weeks. The Public Beta Environment has already been updated. Provided that there are no bugs or glitches, the boy and yeti should go live with the next official update.

Elsewhere, lead producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles revealed last week that there are two new champions in the pipelines. While the second one is locked away for the time being, the first is “a rather colorful mage” for the players.

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