The Last Of Us 2 Patch 1.01 Already Available, Adds Photo Mode, More

The Last Of Us 2 is nearly here, but even though it hasn’t even released yet Naughty Dog has already put out the first Last Of Us 2 patch. Patch 1.01, along with a number of other things, will be adding a photo mode, a model viewer, and implements some bug fixes too.

The Last Of Us 2 is already pushing Naughty Dog’s normal file size requirements at 78 gigabytes, which the studio uses in order to avoid putting out games that are over 100 gigabytes in size. No telling how big the day one patch is, but it likely won’t go over that number just yet.

The main things that are being included in the patch for The Last Of Us 2 are a number of cool viewers, including a photo mode (so you can take cool or silly photos of your gameplay), a concept art gallery, and a model viewer.

Considering how long the game has taken to get to this point, hopefully the Last Of Us 2 patch will give us plenty of content for each of these, at least for concept art and the model viewer. Along with these, however, there are also actual improvements.

The other things added in the patch aren’t specifically given much attention, as all the notes say is that the patch also does various bug fixes and accessibility options. We’ll probably see more of these if an official group of patch notes ever comes out, though.

It’s been a long way to get to this point both for Naughty Dog and for The Last Of Us fans, so hopefully when the game does come out on June 19 it will live up to all of the expectations that fans have of it, even with spoilers in mind.

Hopefully the Last Of Us 2 patch won’t take too long to download either, especially for those who haven’t pre-ordered and will have to download the whole thing at once.