Sony Declares War on Spoilers After The Last of Us 2 Leak

After a big pile of The Last of Us 2 spoilers hit the internet, Sony Interactive Entertainment declares a war. Spoiler-blocking feature for PS5 patented.

Over the past week, The Last of Us 2 spoilers started spreading like a plague on the internet with clueless fans getting struck with unwanted information.

Both The Last of Us Part II fanbase and development team aren’t happy with the situation. Sony Interactive Entertainment tried to solve the situation by striking channels and blogs that refer to the incident. In addition, the company intends to add a spoiler blocking feature to Playstation 5 in order to avoid spoilers.

Sony is actively in a war with the whole internet over the previous spoilers for The Last of Us 2. Youtube bloggers get strikes when referring to the incident even without replaying any leaks. This means that if you talk about the spoiler situation, you’ll get a strike. The company goes to extreme lengths to ensure The Last of Us 2’s integrity. This point goes as far as to totally block channels that haven’t reproduced a word of the spoilers.

In related news, Sony has filed a patent for a spoiler blocking feature for the Playstation 5.

As it was reported by Inverse, this feature will block information about a game’s story from the console that could be a spoiler. This most likely will be in connection to your progression within the game.

However, we don’t know what’s the full extent of its functionality. The closest we’ve seen to such a feature was back in Game of Thrones’ last season. Back then, browser plugins could blur out content containing spoilers. We don’t know if Sony Interactive Entertainment will add the spoiler-blocking feature to the Playstation 5 browser too but we’re hopeful.

What’s the next step for Sony and its reign over spoilers? Let’s hope that the company won’t go punishing every blog and channel that talks about the situation since it does result in bad publicity. For the time being, you should avoid articles or videos regarding the subject if you want to go spoiler-free until The Last of Us 2 release date. You’ll be able to play Naughty Dog’s next AAA title exclusively on Playstation 4 on June 19th.

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