The Last Of Us 2 Gameplay Leaked Following Delay Announcement

Two clips of The Last Of Us 2 gameplay have apparently been leaked following yesterday’s announcement of the game being delayed due to the coronavirus. The clips aren’t much and don’t involve any real action, but they do give us an idea of what the game will look like on release.

The first bit of gameplay takes place in Seattle three days after the start of the game, apparently. Ellie, having shacked up in a performance hall for shelter, wakes up and goes into the performance hall and finds a guitar, which players can strum for a bit in a minigame.

The next clip of Last Of Us 2 gameplay is one that seems to be from the start of the game before the plot kicks off, where Ellie goes on patrol in the snow with her lover, Dina, which allows us to see the game’s snow physics along with a little bit of gameplay, though there’s undoubtedly much more.

We’ve seen a good amount of gameplay from previous showings of The Last Of Us 2, including multiple E3 demos and PAX East this year, but since the last one in 2018 we haven’t really seen anything from the game but scattered clips. While we do know a few things from those, like dogs and a new type of Cordyceps zombie, we haven’t seen much else.

Since the game has been delayed indefinitely due to the difficulties of logistics because of the coronavirus, it’s likely going to be a long time before we can get any more gameplay in the future. There’s no telling when the delay will be over either, since that depends entirely on when the coronavirus pandemic burns out.

While the clip of Ellie and Dina riding horses has been made private, you might still be able to catch the bit of Last Of Us 2 gameplay when Ellie plays the guitar by following this link.