Sony Announces The Last Of Us 2 Delay Along With Iron Man VR Due To Coronavirus

Sony has announced that because of the coronavirus, there will be a The Last Of Us 2 delay until further notice, along with Iron Man VR.

The coronavirus has been shaking the gaming community to its core, particularly with developers, who find themselves having to adjust their work styles to be able to work from home. This has resulted in many games being delayed, and now Sony has announced an indefinite The Last Of Us 2 delay.

Alongside the upcoming Iron Man VR game that was supposed to come out May 15, The Last Of Us 2’s own release date of May 29 is also getting pushed back. However, we have no idea of when these two games will be given new release dates, since no one knows how long the coronavirus pandemic will last.

While various games that are supposed to come out in April, like Resident Evil 3 Remake (coming out tomorrow, April 3) and Final Fantasy 7 Remake (coming out April 10) are still on track for release, both of those games were already in post-production.

There has already been at least one The Last Of Us 2 delay, since the game was supposed to come out in February of this year originally but got pushed back to May. Now Naughty Dog will have more time to work on whatever isn’t quite perfect, along with being able to protect its playerbase.

While most video game delays are due to development issues making it so that some features aren’t quite ready or some other issue has come up, the official statement from Sony is that due to the coronavirus, the development studios would be unable to deliver the launch experience that players deserve, so this is likely in the interest of fan safety rather than technical problems.

Whatever the reason, hopefully The Last Of Us 2 delay won’t be for too long and the coronavirus pandemic won’t go on for too long as well, though considering how fast the disease has been spreading there’s no telling how long that will be.

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