The Last Guardian Ending Guide – How to Get the True Ending, Understand the Ending

The Last Guardian Ending Guide to help you achieve the game’s true ending and make sense of what happens at the end of the game.

The Last Guardian ending is a little too confusing and emotional for some, however, there is a true ending which not many players are aware of. The game’s true ending makes a whole lot of sense.

Be warned! The article contains massive spoilers.

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The Last Guardian Ending Guide

In our The Last Guardian Ending Guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about achieving the game’s true ending and making sense of it.

Do note that this article is filled with massive endgame spoilers. If you have not finished the game, do not read on!

Understand and Trigger the True Ending

After the normal ending during which Trico carries the boy to his village and flies off, the screen fades to credits.

In order to trigger the true ending, you either need to sit through the credits or skip them in order to get another scene. The scene shows the same mirror-shield that we use throughout the game to guide Trico’s tail lightning.

The mirror-shield is shown buried in the dirt with a few children gathered all around it. During the scene, a tall bearded figure with tattoos all around his body appears – boy as a grownup who has been telling the game’s narrative until now.

The man picks up the mirror-shield, activates its magical power, and teleports to the area where the boy originally encounters Trico.

After arriving in the area, we see a pair of large, green eyes. Maybe its Trico, maybe not. Alongside the large, green eyes; another pair of eyes appear but much smaller. Moreover, if you listen closely, you should be able to the voice of a smaller Trico. From what we perceive, it looks like a new Trico has been born with creatures answering to the call of mirror.

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