The Last Guardian Trico Guide – Understanding Trico, Commands, Calls, Moods

The Last Guardian Trico Guide to help you understand your companion in the game and learn how to control him with various actions.

It goes without saying that Trico in The Last Guardian is a mysterious companion. However, a large portion of the game essentially revolves around understanding Trico and working with him.

The Last Guardian Trico Guide

In our The Last Guardian Trico Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about working effectively with Trico.

The Last Guardian Trico Guide


In The Last Guardian, Trico’s eyes can tell about you a lot about its mood.

  • Pink Eyes – Hostile Trico
  • Dark Green Eyes – Normal, Loveable Trico
  • White, Yellow Eyes – Mesmerized or Distracted Trico

Remember that you can always pet Trico on its neck to calm him.


Apart from its eyes, Trico has a handful of different calls which you should try and understand.

  • Howl, Grunt – Trico is ready to carry you somewhere
  • Looking Up – Trico is ready to carry you to the next area in the game
  • Whine – You are too far away from Trico or he is unable to perform an action


There are a number of commands that you can use to perform different actions. It is important that you learn all about these commands so that you have a better interaction.

  • Tap R1 – Call Trico
  • Hold R1 + Square – Swipe Action
  • Hold R1 + Triangle – Stomp Action
  • Hold R1 + X – Scold Trico, Sit Action
  • Hold R1 + O – Praise Trico, Stand Action
  • Hold R1 + Direction – Make Trico Walk in a specific direction

This is all we have on The Last Guardian Trico Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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