The Last Guardian Combat, Exploration and Puzzles Discussed by Fumito Ueda

After reiterating once in March and again in April that The Last Guardian will release this year after all, genDESIGN is finally opening up about it. We got the first proper preview a couple of days ago as well!

The developers have since been doing videos on different aspects of the game like abilities of Trico including being able to blast through boulders with a shot of red lightning from its tail.

This time Fumito Ueda, the game designer and director has been talking about areas of the game that matter the most to his job description i.e. designing things like The Last Guardian combat system, the exploration and the puzzles you are going to face.

The Last Guardian Combat, Exploration and Puzzle Design Discussed

He says that although the overall experience is pretty balanced, genDESIGN has intentionally put them in at uneven levels so that it is hard for the player to predict which one would come into play next – the idea here is to be unpredictable.

In The Last Guardian they have done a very good job of creating balance and level design in general because Ueda is confident it will provide the players with the feeling of choice even though he says that, at least in some circumstances, there will actually be only one choice to be made.

As far as The Last Guardian combat is concerned, do not expect it to have a major role to play in the game – surely it would go against my expectations too – because combat is there just as a sort of a “showcase” of Trico’s power. Think of them like combat encounters were in Ico.

There will be no stamina meter or hand of power meter in the game like Shadow of Colossus did and thee reason for is that developers want a larger audience for this product of hard work and hardships and also because it won’t fit the content that The Last Guardian has to offer.

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