The Last Guardian Release Still Set for 2016

The Last Guardian release date has been confirmed again to in 2016 at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco by Sony.

The Last Guardian release has been a myth in the past; numerous delays and large dearths of news caused a large number of gamers to lose hope that the game would ever release.

A joke was even started that the next time The Last Guardian was shown at E3 it would be Fumito Ueda coming out on stage, opening the game’s files, and deleting all of it on stage.

Those fears can be put to rest now, because at the Playstation conference at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, The Last Guardian has been reconfirmed for a 2016 release date alongside Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Playstation VR. The game was announced to come in 2016 at E3 2015.

The Last Guardian aims to be yet another one of Team ICO’s masterpieces, taking place in a land of crumbling ruins, arid but beautiful landscapes, and emotional bonds told more through actions and emotion than words.

The game will focus on a young boy that befriends a large monster named Trico, a hybrid of a bird, dog, and cat. Kept in a large dungeon, tortured and guarded, the two must work together in order to escape from the area, avoiding the silent guards and navigating precarious obstacles using the natural abilities of both the boy and Trico.

The Last Guardian was first announced at E3 2009 as a Playstation 3 game, but has since migrated over to Playstation 4 with the rest of the Sony lineup. Now, seven years later, it appears to finally be ready to come out.

Alongside other hotly anticipated games, such as a remake of Final Fantasy VII, Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and others, The Last Guardian will have a lot of competition to go up against, but with the large amount of anticipation for the game it will most likely be able to sell extremely well regardless.

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