Kings Bounty 2 Tips

Kings Bounty 2 takes players to the lands of Nostria, filled with opportunity as well as dangers.  This guide will provide players of Kings Bounty 2 with various tips that will help them find their footing in the lands of Nostria.

Kings Bounty 2 Tips

A lot has changed since the previous entry in the series, so it may be difficult to grasp everything in the game which is why these tips for King’s Bounty II might prove to be quite useful for new players and veterans alike.

There’s a lot to consider when playing Kings Bounty 2, especially for those new to hex-based strategy. Furthermore, Kings Bounty 2 shakes up the formula quite a bit with third-person elements. Luckily, the handy tips we’ve covered below should help you get acclimated quickly.

Choose the right hero!

King’s Bounty 2 has three main heroes. They’re all distinct in their starting gameplay and even in personalities. We’ve outlined the differences between them below to help you choose the best one when starting out.


The first is Aivar. Aivar is a warrior whose main focus lies in the effectiveness of units in combat. He has 3 points for Power alignment and the rest of his alignments are zero.

Aivar’s first perk earns 15% additional XP for every victory in battle. He has +3 Warfare for fights and his units deal 5% extra damage for every wounded member.

For the last perk, his perk Power Balance reduces morale penalty for Power ideal units by 1 when there are units of other ideals. This is the best choice for beginners of the game.


The second hero you can pick is the Mage Katharine. Katharine has 3 points in Finesse and zero in other alignments. She can cast level 1 Air, Fire, Ice and Earth spells.

For her third perk, she has a 25% chance of removing a buff from enemy when attack and applying the same buff to her units.

The last perk, Finesse Balance also reduces morale penalty for Power ideal units by 1 when there are units of other ideals.

Katharine will focus on spells early on so her units won’t be as effective, hence she’s not the most beginner-friendly but good for spell spamming.


The third hero for the players to choose is Elisa, a Paladin. Elisa has 3 points in Order alignment and zero in all others when you start with her.

Her perks provide +5 Resistance and +5 Armor for units for the first round of the combat. She can cast level 1 Life and Light spells.

Her last perk, Order Balance also reduces morale penalty for Power ideal units by 1 when there are units of other ideals. She will have the most number of units early, which is a great boon for those who want strength from numbers.

Choose the right Talents

Your Character has the ability to learn different Talents as you progress through the game. These Talents depend on the Ideal system of the game.

You get Ideal points for completing quests with certain viewpoints. The higher the Ideal points you have for one type of alignment, the higher number of talents will unlock for that particular ideal.

It’s best to take most of the passive percentage bonuses early on for maximum effectiveness (like those in anarchy if you can take them).

If you want to use spells, then invest in the tier 1 finesse talents; ideally first in Light and light or Air and Fire (but make sure you can actually learn the spells).

Be Mindful of Ideals

This brings us to the next topic for discussion, the game has an Ideal system with opposing alignments such as Order vs Anarchy or Finesse vs Power.

These Ideals force you to complete quests from a certain point of view. For example, if you have too many points in Order, you cannot pick Anarchy options for any quest.

You can however invest in opposing ideals as well but you need to progress much deeper into the game to be able to do this.

Look out for Altars

In the world of Kings Bounty 2, you will find many Altars. These Altars provide different kinds of bonuses as well as power-ups to your character.

Altars such as Power Obelisks, People’s Altar and War Memorials provide bonuses such as Extra Damage Dealt by Units, Spell Strengths and Duration and others like these.

Lastly, the biggest problem players will complain about is the slow movement. The linear pattern makes traveling from place to place very tiresome after some time. This is where Fast travel comes in.

Unlike many games you cannot fast travel to any destination. For Fast Travels, players need to interact with Steles. Make sure you discover them in your travels to make traveling easier. You can only teleport from one Stele to another that you have pre-discovered.

Combat tips

Combat in Kings Bounty 2 is very common as you will be engaging with hostiles while traveling.

Now, when you enter a fight, you will fight them on a hex-based grid taking turns. Thus, your skills are not the only thing important, but your troops as well as their management matters a lot.

When starting a fight, be sure to reposition the units so that your ranged ones are blocked off from enemy units, or primed to take the high ground for elevation bonuses!

Your Character has a Leadership Stat. This stat determines how many units of a particular type can join your army.

The Leadership value of your character increases with leveling up, as well as by wearing certain gears and interacting with specific shrines. Higher Leadership value allows you to have a larger army under your command.

Units have stats of their own. Units have Ideal groupings as well as Morale. Now, different groups of Units have different Ideals, such as anarchy Order or Power.

This affects the morale of your units. If you have Units of different grouping in your army, this will decrease the overall morale of your army. On the other hand, if all your units have the same Ideals, this will provide a boost in the morale of your army.

Get more Units

Now let us discuss how to get units for your army. The easiest way to expand your army is by buying units from recruiter NPCs. This requires gold and you can buy as many as you want.

Other than this, you can also get squads of units from completing various quests in the game. It is recommended to hold off on buying units until you really need them for a battle.

Units have different types and different tactics and abilities. These are beyond the scope of this guide, but you can learn more about different units in our Kings Bounty 2 Units Guide.

During a battler, you have the option to attempt to heal as well as resurrect your units. You need different spells for this but it is a possibility.

Other than this, you have the option to hold “H” after a battle and revive your units. This action requires gold, and cannot revive units affected by Lethal Wound, Execution or Blight.

If you have units in reserve, you can even use them to replenish your depleted units.

Starting the Campaign

Once you start the Campaign, you will just have been released from prison and you have to find your way in Nostira.

As soon as you are released from Fort Crucis, get your gear, your horse and your 3x Spearmen. With these, go and buy a crossbow and recruit 3x Dogs of War.

A bit further into the world after starting, you’ll meet a dwarf who has a sidequest for you. Definitely take this quest as it gives you access to a pack of wolves and dwarves with great abilities for early skirmishes.

With this all, you are ready to start the game and explore the world of Kings Bounty 2 and take your place as the prophesied Saviour of Nostria.

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