Kingdoms of Amalur Skill Books Locations Guide

As the name indicates, Skill Boo in Kingdom of Amalur will reward you with bonus Skill points. We have the locations to find them.

Skill Books in Amalur are just like Skill Trainers, they can reward you with +1 Skill Point. To know more, read this Kingdoms of Amalur Skill Books Locations Guide.

For every skill type, you can find atleast one book and these books can be collected, bought or stolen.

In any case, if you manage to find a book, a permanent skill point will be added to your skill chart. The locations of these Skill Books can vary but the chances are that you will find them at locations specified below.

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Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Skill Books Locations

Following are the Skill Books you can find throughout Kingdom of Amalur:

Alchemy Skill Book
Location. You will need Detect Hidden level 5 or more to find the secret door near urul Tusk in Plains of Erathell and retrieve this Skill Book.


Blacksmithing Skill Book
Location. As part of Warsworn Faction quests, you will find the book in the Hall of Firstsworn. Look for the books inside the rooms. You will acquire this skill book during the Mystic Hammer Quest.

Detect Hidden Skill Book
Location. While completing the Traveler’s faction quests, you will get the book as a reward during one of the missions. These Quests include Going Rouge and The Purloined Letters

Dispelling Skill Book
Location. You will find this skill book in the library of House of Ballads (Dalentarth). You can open the location by using the ring which you will get after completing Song of Sir Sagrell quest.

Lockpicking Skill Book
Location. In Northern Forsaken Plain, you will find the book in the locked chest beside the main chamber of Orieator’s Tomb. You will need Detect Hidden to find the chest.

Persuasion Skill Book
Location. In Adessa, complete the quest ‘Paper Trail’ and you will get the book as reward.

Sagecraft Skill Book
Location. In Glendra (Dalentarth), you will find the book in the well near the location where you got Hadwyn’s Mission. You Will need a Detect Hidden 2 to acquire this skill book.

Stealth Skill Book
Location. During Traveler’s faction quests, you will get the book after one of the missions (probably after Going Rogue).

Mercantile Skill Book
Location. In Detyre when you are in the The Hollowlands, you will get this after buying all the upgrades. Look for it in a book case inside the house awarded by Miners in the Sand

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