Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ship Guide – Upgrading, Blueprints, Materials, Customization

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Ship is how Sora and his party travels to different worlds. Learn how to upgrade, customize, find blueprints, and materials for it.

Although upgrading your Gummi Ship is not a story requirement, it sure will help you defend against the threats of the outer space. Unlike the previous iterations of Kingdom Hearts, this time around, you will be able to explore space at your own pace. To upgrade your Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts 3, you need either to level it up or customize it. Either way, you have to be out in space to do so.

Kingdom Hearts III Gummi Ship Upgrades

While traveling among different worlds in space, you have to take part in certain mini-games where you will have to destroy opposition faced by Sora in space. Doing so will allow you to get materials for your ship.

Beating enemies will also gain you some EXP that gradually fills up your level bar. On leveling up, naturally, your ship becomes stronger.

Another way to upgrade your ship is to customize it. Players are able to collect customizations for their ship and make their own unique design. In addition to that, the ship’s stats also receive a significant boost.

Gummi Ship Customization

In order to customize your Gummi Ship in KH3, you will need to select the ship you want to edit from the “Editor” available from the World Map.

You can edit any blueprint you have in the “Samples and Specials” section or you can create a ship from scratch by going to originals and selecting one of the blank slots.

However, before you customize your ship, you have to collect the blueprints. You can customize a ship in 3 ways:

First, you can make your own ship from scratch. Its stats can be adjusted and the cost to make depends on the design.

Essentially, the Gummi Material may be the deciding factor on how tough your ship is. Each Gummi Material has a corresponding stat that it enhances.

A superior method would be to obtain a blueprint from any Moogle Shop albeit at a hefty price. Each of these requires you to invest some Gummi Parts that are hard to come by.

Finding Gummi Ship Blueprints

The best method to make a Gummi Ship is to look for *Constellations Photographs*. When you have located a constellation, align its stars and you will receive a Special Blueprint.

This is a very cost-effective method and does not even require Gummi Materials, but finding the constellations themselves is a hassle. You can check out the link attached above to learn the locations of all the Constellations.

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