Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Xemnas Boss Guide

Follow this guide to assist you in defeating the Data Xemnas boss in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC with handy tips and strategies

Kingdom Heart 3 Re:Mind has a variety of new bosses and they have unique set of attacks and movesets that you need to keep an eye for. Here we have the complete guide on the Data Xemnas boss that you will encounter in KH3 ReMind. We will explain all the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Xemnas Boss attacks and strategies on how to defeat this villain.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Xemnas Boss

Xemnas uses the following attacks throughout the KH3 ReMind boss fight so you should be cautious of these.

Magic Attack
This KH3 ReMind boss can attack you with its magic spells and this will cover the whole area with orbs and they will surround him and will strike bolts of lightning towards you. When this happens, keep in mind to guard yourself against these bolts. This attack will track Sora.

Forwards rolling Glide attack
With the help of those huge beam blades, Xemnas can easily soar in the air and charges towards Sora with a forward roll. But this attack does not track Sora so that’s a relief.

Field Change
When you have had a long battle with Xemnas and he is really struggling and down to around five health bars left, he will just turn the area pitch black with darkness and this will make really hard to detect him. His attacks will also become faster than before and will rush towards Sora.

Cross Slash
With this attack, Xemnas will make a cross-shaped rupture in the ground by making a slashing gesture on the ground and this attack is basically shockwaves coming from ground that if hit Sora will send him flying in the air.

Flying Spinning Slash
In this attack, Data Xemnas just spins his blades when he is midair and this can hit really hard to Sora.

Rising Double Slash
This is just a combo of sword slashes that ends midair with an upward slash.

Create Walls
Xemnas can create walls on the battlefield and they will stay there forever once created, these walls will be a permanent threat to you as they will deal additional damage of you go towards them after being hit by lightning. You need to destroy these walls as soon as they appear.

Boss Strategy

Hit and Run strategy
Xemnas is going to be a very tricky boss and he is going to zap around the stage several times so you need to adapt the hit and run strategy as you cannot really juggle in the air for too long and he will just teleport out of your combos as well. With hit and run strategy, your survivability chances will increase significantly.

You also need to be very patient when landing hits to Xemnas boss and just wait for those momentary lapses in between the combos of xemnas and those are the golden times to hot some good hits and this process is slow but will be very useful in taking a huge chunk of his health.

Destroy the walls
As this has been mentioned earlier as well that Xemnas will build walls in the battlefield and this will be in your best interest to destroy those walls as they appear.

Guard against combos
Xemnas is strong and agile and will come from different directions. His strong move is his fast and unblockable combos. We recommend you to lock onto him and keep your guard up all the time when he is trying his combos.

Also, make sure to use heal every time after Data Xemnas is done with hit combo attacks. Also if you are low on health during the combo attack, just use Heal after blocking or evading the combo.

Ultimate Form
You need to take advantage of the ultimate form as it comes in handy as you can unlock better abilities to make combos of your own and chain with. This form will help Sora to attain a very powerful finisher that sends blades toppling over the boss.

Use Rage Form
You need to make sure that you let Soar change to Rage form as it can get quite tough to keep up with the speed and agility of Xemnas, so make full use of the rage form of sora and this will also recover his HP while unleashing attacks to Data Xemnas.

So this is all that you need to know about the KH3 Re:Mind boss Data Xemnas and how to defeat him.