Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblades Location Guide – Transformations, Upgrade, How to Unlock, Exclusive Keyblades

Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblades are basically weapons that Sora uses in battle. Learn how to unlock all the Keyblades in KH3 and use them to the best effect.

As you progress through Kingdom Hearts III, you will face more menacing foes and powerful ones so it is never too late to upgrade your weapon. This puts you on the lookout for Rare and Legendary Keyblades that will make the fights a whole lot easier and fun. Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblades are basically weapons that Sora uses in battle. Learn how to unlock all the Keyblades in KH3.

Kingdom Hearts III Keyblades Locations

In KH3, Sora and the party members can equip a special weapon, Keyblade, which comes in various types all with their own specific boosts to the attributes and stats.

Furthermore, apart from boasting some cool abilities, Keyblades also support Weapon Transformations. These turn the Keyblade into two different forms i.e. one for Power and one for Guard.

The change of form is carried out with the right and left directional buttons when the “Form Change” meter is full. By utilizing this feature correctly, and timing it precisely, you can extend combos and deal a hefty amount of damage.

Multiple Keyblades can be allotted to your inventory, however, when it comes to equipping them, you cannot hold more than three at any given time. These selections can be made in the “Equipment” tab from the game’s Main Menu.

How to Upgrade Keyblades

Keyblades can be upgraded to a certain degree. This is done by utilizing the general item called Fluorite along with Keyblade specific items for increasing their stats. These enhancements can be applied at Moogle Shop after you have finished the Twilight Town level.

Most of the Keyblades are world-exclusive and can be obtained in the game when you complete the storyline of a region in its entirety. However, for the other Keyblades, they can only be acquired if you pre-ordered the game earlier via one of the platforms that we have mentioned below.

Without further ado, here are all the Kingdom Hearts III Weapons, the requirement for obtaining them, and the benefits they will bring to your combat game plan.

Keyblade Locations

Keyblade Stats Abilities Requirements Transformations
Kingdom Key Strength: 4 Magic: 3 Treasure Magnet Sora’s Default Weapon Second Form
Starlight Strength: 4 Magic: 4 MP Haste Complete Classic Kingdom in Union Cross or defeat the Demon in the Keyblade Graveyard. Second Form S
Midnight Blue Strength: 4 Magic: 4 Blizzaga Blizzard Up Pre-order bonus for PS4 N/A
Phantom Green Strength: 4 Magic: 4 Thundaga Thunder Up Pre-order bonus for Xbox One N/A
Dawn till Dusk Strength: 4 Magic: 4 Firaga Fire Up Pre-order bonus on N/A
Shooting Star Strength: 3 Magic: 5 Magic Treasure Magnet Complete Twilight Town Double Arrow-guns Magic Launcher
Favorite Deputy Strength: 6 Magic: 3 Lucky Strike Complete Toy Box Hyper Hammer Drill Punch
Happy Gear Strength: 7 Magic: 3 Focus Converter Complete Monstropolis Agile Claws Twin Yo-Yos
Nano Gear Strength: 7 Magic: 5 Stun Protection Complete San Fransokyo Nano Arms
Ever After Strength: 2 Magic: 7 Leaf Bracer Aeroza Complete Kingdom of Corona Mirage Staff
Crystal Snow Strength: 4 Magic: 7 Freeze Protection Complete Arendelle Blizzard Claws Blizzard Blades
Wheel of Fate Strength: 8 Magic: 5 Waterza Complete The Caribbean Highwind Storm Flag
Hero’s Origin Strength: 5 Magic: 2 Defender Complete Olympus Counter Shield
Hunny Spout Strength: 6 Magic: 5 Harvester Complete 100 Acre Wood Hunny Blasters Hunny Launcher
Ultima Weapon Strength: 13 Magic: 13 Combo Boost Air Combo Boost Situation Boost Collect all 58 materials for Keyblade Synthesis. These include: 7 Orichalcum, 2 Suffusive Gems, 2 Power Crystals and 2 Lucid Crystals. Ultimate Form

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