Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Terra Xehanort Boss Guide

To beat Terra-Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind you are going to require some strategies along the way. If you are struggling, read this Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Terra Xehanort boss guide.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Terra Xehanort Boss

Since you are on your way to fight a very powerful boss, make sure that Sora is on level 99 as you have to be as strong as you can. Make sure you carry the Ultima weapon and Kupo Coin with you in this fight.

Ultima Weapon

  • Top class Keyblade
  • Combo Boost for better damage output
  • Better guard with Formchange
  • Stronger finisher after Formchange

Kupo Coin: The item can be bought in the Moogle Shop in Twilight Town. The effect of the item is, when Sora’s health reaches zero, it is going to restore is back to 100.

Recommended Abilities

Throughout the Terra Xehanort boss fight, you will require the following abilities to ensure a win

  • Glide
  • Block
  • Reprisal ability
  • Final Blow
  • Payback Strike

Abilities and Tips

Continuous Swing
In this attack, Data Terra-Xehanort swings his Key Blade multiple times. The attack is unblockable if the weapon shines red.

Rapid Fire
In this attack, Data Terra-Xehanort fires three projectiles and during the third fire, he becomes prone to attacks.

In this attack, Data Terra-Xehanort charges at you at high speed.

Dark Shadow
In this attack, Data Terra-Xehanort summons a shadow to chase after Sora.

Dark Energy
In this attack Data, Terra-Xehanort will drag Sora to a dark area and charges with multiple attacks, where the last strike is unblockable and has a wide area of effect.

Beat Data Terra-Xehanort

Data Terra-Xehanort will be teleporting from one place to another in means of no time and will be hitting you with his melee combos and swift attacks.

Some of these attacks are even unblockable so you won’t be able to do anything in between. Either wait for his attacks to finish and attack him between the follow-ups.

Guard yourself wherever you can and attack when Data Terra-Xehanort is between a follow-up. In the Continuous Swing attack you even know when the attack is going to be unblockable so before the weapon shines red, use Dodge Roll and defend yourself.

If you are blocking his attacks and charges then it will stun Xehanort for some moments. Xehanort is also capable of summoning dark pillars that will scatter around the area.

You will have to dodge between the pillars while facing the minions along the way. The breaks between his attacks are for you to attack and for you to recover your health.

When the ground beneath you turns black and flashes then you need to dodge away quickly as the light coming from inside is going to damage you.

You have to block the purple orbs thrown at your way as well. These can’t be dodged but once you block them they will reflect back to the boss.

Once you defeat Xehanort you are going to get your reward.

Reward: Strength Boost which permanently raises Strength by 1