Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Ansem Seeker of Darkness Boss Guide

Learn how to defeat one of the toughest bosses, Ansem Seeker of Darkness in Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC with the aid of this guide

Kingdom Hearts 3’s DLC Re:Mind introduces new challenging boss fights. One of these we will be discussing today is the fight with Ansem. Read on for a complete detailed Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Ansem Seeker of Darkness Boss guide.

This is one of the tougher boss fights in the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC and you need to make sure you have dealt with every pre-requisite in order to maximize the output of Sora’s abilities.

Before you can fight Ansem, make sure you have completed the Scala ad Caelum portion of the DLC.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Ansem Seeker of Darkness Boss

Ansem is the big bad of Kingdom Hearts 3 known as Xehanort’s Heartless. He was created when Terra-Xehanort reawakened his memories. Ansem then proceeded to attack the Realm of Light in order to consume the hearts of every world he encountered.

Max out Sora to Level 99 before heading into this fight or risk getting knocked out in one hit.

Ansem will continuously launch projectiles that track you, in order to avoid maximum damage, make sure you time every dodge and always look where you’re dodging. One mistake will result in a barrage of attacks to close in on you.

Hold your blade till Ansem’s mines and Dark Sphere disappear prior to closing the distance between the two of you. Get close to Ansem by dodge rolls.

If you find Ansem too far from you, and you are unable to deal damage, then make sure you are using Air Step as frequently as possible. Lure Ansem to use his Dark Sphere attack and then continue to use air step and continue it with a combo on Ansem.

Should you find yourself pinned down because of Ansem’s onslaught of attacks, make sure to use the Rage form which will help Sora recover his HP, and allow you to get in a few free hits on Ansem.

The dark spheres that Ansem will release frequently will shoot down fire balls and affect your statuses. Use glide or block to work your way around these damaging attacks.

Abilities and Tips

Dark Spikes
Ansem releases Dark Spikes above him which will attack Sora in a burst of 4 initially, and then 2 more afterwards. It should be noted that these are homing projectiles. Go ahead and use guard to defend what little damage you can.

Dark Orb Lasers
Ansem will bring out his dark orbs to surround Sora. This will attack Sora from pretty much all four directions. Dodge roll to evade this as fast as you can.

Dark Orb Shield
Ansem will summon an orb barrier which will fire lasers in your direction along with giving him protection from any incoming damage. Do NOT touch the shield as you will take damage from contact with it.

Dark Missile
This ability sends a giant Dark Orb towards Sora which will push him away and deal damage as it does so.

Dark Bullet Hell
Ansem will turn the arena into a void and summon two giant orbs. As soon as the projectiles start raining on you, dodge like hell. Keep moving, gliding, but make sure you do not stop. Once the attack ends, take the opportunity to land in a combo.

Ansem is a tough boss, but with knowledge of how he reacts to every attack of yours, along with proper timing, he should be easy enough to deal with

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