Kingdom Come: Deliverance Skills Guide

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Skills Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Non-Lethal and Combat Skills in KCD

There are 4 different ways through which you can improve your character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. One of them is Skills. These Kingdom Come: Deliverance Skills Skills can be upgraded over time to make a particular action of yours more effective.

There are many different Skills and all of them relate to one specific Character Trait such as Lockpicking. Upgrading a Skill to the higher levels will allow you to use Perks which will further increase the impact of that Skill. You can check out our Detailed Perks Guide for more information.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Skills

Skills can be upgraded by practicing them. Reading and Pickpocketing are different, however, as they need you to complete training which will allow you to advance them past the initial levels.

Stealth, on the other hand, will be leveled up by doing stealth takedowns. Once you get to the Level 5, you will be able to kill enemies using stealth as well.

There are two different kinds of Skills. The first one is the Standard Skill Set which relates to the various different things that you may be doing over the course of the game such as Alchemy, Horsemanship, and Drinking.

The second kind is the Combat Skill Set, which relates directly to fighting and will make you more effective when engaging enemies in battle.

Tips and Tricks

First of all, we will take a look at the Standard Skills that involve non-lethal actions. These Skills will be used in multiple facets of the game and some of them will be very helpful for certain playstyles. Just make sure you only upgrade the Skills that you actually have the need for.

As you increase the Skill of Alchemy, you will be able to brew potions even if you make minor mistakes. This is an integral part of your kit and should be upgraded at all costs.

When you increase this Skill, your horse will not become shy just as easily and will take a longer time to be tired so it will be able to gallop for longer. Increasing this Skill is also almost completely necessary.

As the name suggests, you will be able to pick locks much more easily as you increase this Skill.

The Skilled drinker does not get drunk as easily as the unskilled one. Increase it to have all the positive warmth of alcohol streaming in your blood while ignoring the negatives.

As you increase the Herbalism Skill, you will be able to collect more herbs than you usually would in a single action.

This Skill has two advantages as you level it up. One of them is that people who are being pickpocketed will not notice you that easily. Another is that you will not be seen by as many witnesses as you usually would.

Hunting is not a combat Skill because it does not make you more accurate while hunting or anything else like that. Rather, it increases the amount of meat and materials that you can harvest from your fallen prey.

Ummmmm, it allows your character to read books.

Upon increasing this Skill, you will be able to repair your weapons and other items at the grindstone. Provided you have a repair kit, of course.

This is also a Skill that has two advantages. One, it can shorten the distance at which you are spotted by an enemy. Two, it can increase the time taken to spot you.


These Skills have a direct impact on your combat. They usually revolve around your attack or defense of a particular weapon and will be critical to your success in major fights.

This Skill will make you much better with the axe as it will increase the power of your attacks. Use it if you like to use the axe as a weapon.

As you will probably expect, this Skill will increase the power of your attacks with the Bow. Use it if you like the ranged weapons as opposed to the melee ones.

You should probably be expecting this by now, this Skill will increase the power of your attacks with the sword.

Increasing this Skill will make your Mace more proficient as it will increase the power of your attacks with the mace.

If you would rather go with your fists rather than weapons, then this is the Skill for you, as it will increase the damage of your fists.

This Skill will be used to increase the time that you can hold a perfect block or a perfect dodge. It will also increase the defense stat of your weapons and shields.

This Skill impacts every single aspect of your fighting by increasing the speed of your attacks. This is essential to success as it will allow you to deal more damage due to the enemies not being able to block it as easily.

Upgrading Skills

The most straightforward and easy method to upgrade these Skills is by grinding the Skills. If you want to upgrade a specific Skill, start using it as much as possible.

For example, if you want to upgrade your Combat Skills, chose a weapon you want to specialize in and start fighting with it.

Using Bow and arrows for combat will gradually increase your Skills with the Bow. Spending time with the Alchemy table brewing potions will make you better at Alchemy. Spending time collecting herbs and doing Herbalism will increase your Herbalism Skill.

This works for all Skills in the game. The more you grind a Skill, better you will become at it. Each time you level up, you will unlock more Perks for that specific Skill. Some Skills can be upgraded by performing other actions such as engaging in combat more will increase your Strength as well.

Upgrading these Skills will develop your character more and you can focus on specific Skills to develop them earlier to develop your character suiting to your playstyle. For creating a stealth fighter, focus on increasing Stealth and Close-Combat Skills.

Similarly, a hunter will need proficiency in Hunting, Stealth, and Horse Riding. It all boils down to your preferences. Choose whichever Skills you want to focus on and start working on them to improve them

This is all we have for our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Skills Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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