Kingdom Come: Deliverance Hunting Guide

This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Hunting Guide will tell you all about where can you find animals to hunt, what is the reward for each specific animal, and where can you actually sell the animal parts after you have successfully hunted the animal.

Hunting is introduced to you during the quest known as ‘The Prey’. Hunting seems like a good way to find some food for you in times of need. However, you should know that you could also use hunting as a way to farm money, as some parts of the dead animals can be very lucrative when sold on the market.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Hunting

The simple reason is the meat, that can be sold for a huge profit. A single Hare Meat piece can net you almost 6 Gold in the market. Moreover, killing a Hare will net you around 20 different pieces of meat. Red Deer Venison can net you 14 Gold per piece with you getting around 100 pieces for killing one.

All of these prices can be further inflated if you decide to cook the meat. Some of the meat that you shot on private property will not be sellable until you cook it as well.

Lastly, cooked meat will last longer before going bad so it is best if you cook your meat as soon as you can, and then sell whatever parts of it you do not need for a huge profit.

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Hunting Perks

Players with higher level in Hunting will collect more meat and some other materials from the killed animals. Read the book ‘The Joy of Gutting’ to level up faster.

Here is the list of Hunting Perks:

Name Level Ability
Antlers 3 Get antlers
Tusks 3 Remove Tusks
Butcher 5 Get Offal
Tanner 5 Skin Animals
Huntsman 8 +20% animal damage
Wild at Heart 8 Lowers skittishness
Forester 10 Increases stealth
Salty 10 Food preserved longer
Steak Tartare 13 Eat raw meat

Tips and Tricks

First of all, you must learn using the bow perfectly. Since the bow is your primary hunting weapon, it is necessary that you learn all aspects of it including pointing, aiming and shooting.

This involves a specific set of skills that you need to acquire including learning the bow shot range, arrow speed and precision timing; Where the shot range and arrow speed are pretty self-explanatory and precision timing means how long you can hold the bow steady before it starts deviating from the target

Another thing you need to know about is how to cash in your winnings. After you have completed ‘The Prey’ quest, you will be rewarded with a horse that will be great for carrying game.

You need to transport the game back at a time when the stores are open, otherwise, the game will go bad and you will not be able to sell it. It is good if you go out at around 3 so that you can hunt and come back while the stores are still open.

The game that you kill will be marked as stolen most of the time. Merchants will pay very little for it so you have 2 options. The first one is to simply cook the game and it will make it legal again, or you can sell it to Miller Woyzeck who will buy all of the stolen goods at their maximum price.

Remember that hunting is a skill, which means that you can use perks to make yourself a better hunter. ‘Antlers’ and ‘Tusks’ are perks that will allow you to reap the aforementioned parts from fallen prey. These level 3 perks are really good for you, as they will give you parts of animals that will not go bad.

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Apart from that, the ‘Tanner’ perk that unlocks at level 5 is really useful as it will allow you to skin animals for their hides and their pelts and these items will not spoil. These items will net you a fair amount of cash and will not spoil unlike meat, so these perks can be incredibly useful.

As for the locations that are good for hunting, the most obvious one is Inn at the Glade. Andrew here will buy any stolen meat at good price.

However, his needs for meat will change according to the time, and you will need to find specific meat for him if you want to sell to him. Another good location where you can find meat in abundance is towards the west of Sasau, as many wild beasts seem to roam that area.

That is all we have for our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Hunting Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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