Killing Floor 2 on Xbox One Seems “Very Likely,” Says Developer

For quite some time, Killing Floor 2 has been in early access for the PC where it has been selling like crazy; however, the game is not PC exclusive and a PS4 port is also planned. Now, we might have a good news for those of you who felt bad that the game was not on Xbox One.

Alan Wilson, the vice president of Tripwire Entertainment, was recently discussing the game’s development and the performance so far with GameReactor where he was asked that although we have heard of the PS4 version being planned alongside the PC version, was there a chance that it would get an Xbox One release somewhere down the line?

The good news is that Killing Floor 2 has a fair chance of getting released on Microsoft’s home console, and it is only a matter of time before the developers get to it! Wilson says that fans will have to wait until Tripwire is done with finishing the PC and PS4 versions:

Well, we had people playing the PS4 version at Sony PSX recently, which was great to see. As for the Xbone – seems very likely to me. Just that it will have to wait until we’ve got the PC and PS4 versions finished first!

So far, the game has been a pretty good experience for the fans and the developers alike and even in the early access it has grown by a great margin. Only recently, microtransactions were added to it.

The most obvious question that comes to mind after this is how far have they come with the development then? The answer is “a good part of the way,” although Wilson won’t even hint at an official release date of Killing Floor PC and PS4 versions yet.

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