TripWire’s Killing Floor 2 is “selling like crazy,” More Servers Needed

Killing Floor 2 is "selling like crazy," according to an email sent to the players by TripWire Interactive. Studio president say they need more servers.

Well, here’s some interesting news for you all Killing Floor 2 fans. According to a new email sent out to players by TripWire, the game is selling really well and developers seem pretty happy about it.

TripWire says the game is not only “selling like crazy,” but have also seen 17,000 users trying to play the game at the same time. While success is a good problem to have, as the John Gibson President Tripwire Interactive notes, this also caused a bit of a problem.

As it turns out, TripWire wasn’t expecting such an amazing amount of success. They underestimated the game and only put up servers to handle 7,000 players.

..we’ve got enough servers up to handle about 7,000 players. Success is a good problem to have, but wow this really blew away our expectations.

The second part of the email is a bit strange, as the numbers mentioned above suddenly dropped.

As such we’re in dire needs of LOTS of servers up. Right now there are enough servers to handle about 5,000 players, and we have over 16,000 people playing right now. Within the next few hours we’ll likely pass 25,000, and by tomorrow we could be at 50,000 players.

The email did open with an apology saying that John accidently sent a half finished email to players before. It seems the studio president is having a really busy day.

Killing Floor 2 is available on Steam Early Access for $29.99.



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