FIFA 19: Jesse Lingard Asks EA Sports to Update His Hairstyle

Biggest soccer game from EA Sports is in works and judging by their latest Beta of the game, it seems that we are going to enjoy playing FIFA 19 a lot. Every football fan is desperately waiting to get their hands on the game and some who were lucky got invited by EA Sports to try out their game and witness all the new changes.

Players who tried out the game found out many new changes in the game including lots of superstars. Among the fans who played the game, Jesse Lingard who was the top performer for England in the World Cup also tried out FIFA 19.

After playing the game, he was a little disappointed when he saw himself in the game with the same old haircut.

Jesse Lingard was one of the best performers in the England squad during 2018 Russia World Cup and he went on Twitter to complain about his haircut by saying that he had this hairstyle in the game ‘for 99 years’ while requesting EA Sports to update it.

There’s no response from EA yet but we expect this issue to be resolved sooner than later.

FIFA 19 Beta is out now and do check your email to know if you are invited or not as it’s completely random and will allow you to play your favorite mode depending on what you have been playing in the previous games.

Sony has also announced six PS4 FIFA 19 bundles for you to grab if you haven’t got the chance yet, you can get slim PS4 or even a PS4 Pro with FIFA 19 inside so you can start playing without wasting any time.

FIFA 19 is looking great with the addition of new stadiums like New Tottenham Stadium and detailed chemistry stats which will make your overall FIFA Ultimate experience better than ever.

FIFA 19 is going to release on September 25, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Image Credit: FootzHD

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