How To Defeat Skriton In Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Skriton in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a mini-boss you will face on the first visit to the Deserts of Jedha to Rendevous with Cere’s ...

Skriton in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a mini-boss you will face on the first visit to the Deserts of Jedha to Rendevous with Cere’s Contact. Skriton is a giant scorpion-looking creature with an oversized left claw. The speed of this creature is very slow so are his attacks. But Skriton in Jedi Survivor can use his large body to his advantage.

By “using the large body to his advantage,” we mean that he can block all your front attacks with his massive left Claw and hit an unblockable attack with his Claw when it glows red and lunges forward. You should dodge this attack, as this can cause significant damage.

The Skriton also has a sweeping attack which requires him to use his stinger to damage everything in his surroundings, which is a small circle. Since Skriton is a mini-boss of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, it will be pretty easy for you to defeat him.

However, just barging in without a proper strategy will put you at a disadvantage, so it’s better to have a well-devised plan before you take on the Skriton.

Skriton’s attacks

Skriton is slow but has a defensive mechanism in the face of his massive Claw. The move set of Skriton is minimal, making him predictable and easy to defeat; it consists of a tail swing with a decent range due to the massive size of his tail.

Secondly, the left claw hit is a short-range attack that can block all your attacks from the front. Lastly, the forward lunge Claw ground slam is less potent than the Rancor but can still significantly damage you in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Stance and weapons to defeat Skriton

The Dual Wield Lightsaber is the most effective stance due to its fast attack speed. In addition, you can slow down Skriton in two ways; (1) by asking Merrin, who will hold the Skriton, to give you some time. So, you can deal massive damage during that time, and (2) you can use Cal’s Slow ability to slow down the Skriton and then slash him with your Dual Wielding lightsaber stance.

How to defeat Skriton in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

When the fight against the Skriton starts in Jeddha, you must move to the right side of the Skriton, where his defense is the weakest and deal minor damage. Lookout for the red glow on Skriton since it indicates a forward Claw lunge ground slam.

You can easily dodge it by jumping backward and then asking Merrin to hold Skriton so that you can deal heavy damage to him.

Afterward, keep moving in circles and use the Slow Ability to slow down the Skriton and the Dual Wielding stance to deal damage. Repeat the same routine three to four times, and you will defeat the Skriton in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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