Japanese Xbox Series Sales On Track To Hit 100K In 50 Weeks

Japanese Xbox Series sales are on track to hit 100K in 50 weeks, unlike its predecessor which took 50 months.

The Xbox Series X, despite being part of a console line that was never that popular in Japan, is apparently doing a lot better than the Xbox One ever did in that same region. Where the Xbox One took 50 months to hit 100,000, Japanese Xbox Series sales might hit that number in 50 weeks.

The Xbox Series X released on November 10 of last year, and has apparently been selling quite steadily despite the lack of any exclusive games that would make people want to choose it over the Playstation 5. This is especially notable in Japan, which due to Sony being a Japanese country is almost exclusively Playstation territory.

In order to fulfill those predictions and hit 100,000 in 50 weeks, the Xbox Series X would have to sell over 2,500 units a week over the next 13 weeks. If it keeps up that rate, the Xbox Series X could outdo the entire lifetime sales numbers of the Xbox One in Japan by the end of this year.

Japanese Xbox Series sales being this high and going up at this rate is especially notable due to the different philosophies behind the Microsoft method compared to Playstation. While Sony has repeatedly denied making many attempts to have its games be cross-platform, along with various other requirements if developers want to make their games multi-platform, Microsoft is the exact opposite.

Many Microsoft officials have repeatedly stated that their intention is to have more people playing games together, hence their much more welcoming cross-platform attitude. Phil Spencer even went on the Kinda Funny podcast, explaining a gifted Nintendo Switch by remarking on the close bond between Microsoft and Nintendo.

So, even if the Xbox Series X is nowhere near as popular as the Playstation 5 in Japan, the fact that Japanese Xbox Series sales are doing so much better than the Xbox One’s were in the region is still something to note.

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