French Next-Gen Console Sales Show PS5 Tripling Xbox Series X Sales

French next-gen console sales are showing the Playstation 5 tripling the sales of the Xbox Series X in the country.

Alongside other information about how next-gen consoles are performing, a recent graph showing French next-gen console sales is also showing that Playstation appears to be poised to dominate this console generation once again. The Playstation 5 has sold triple the units of the Xbox Series X, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Specifically, in France the Playstation 5 has sold 107,000 units, while the Xbox Series X has only sold 37,000. Even though both consoles are experiencing a great deal of supply issues and are thus hard to find, it’s a huge margin to be existing right out of the gate for both consoles.

There’s likely several reasons for why the Playstation 5 is so far ahead of the Xbox Series X. Playstation is riding high after another generation of superiority over the Xbox with the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, where better power and more appealing exclusive games drew more people over to its camp.

French next-gen console sales, and indeed console sales all over the world, have shown that this appears to be the same for this generation too. While the Playstation 5 is less powerful than the Xbox Series X, a huge brace of highly appealing games is ensuring the console’s dominance throughout this generation too.

While Microsoft has said it’s not committing to exclusives in order to allow everyone to play as many games as possible regardless of console, it doesn’t change the fact that Playstation has a far different attitude.

It’s likely that the gap in French next-gen console sales, and indeed sales in the rest of the world, will continue to widen in the Playstation 5’s favor as more of the consoles are bought. Whether it means people are willing to sacrifice power for brand loyalty, or are just preparing for when the various exclusives coming to the Playstation 5, remains to be seen.

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