Jade Raymond Guarantees Annual Exclusive Content For STADIA

During the presentation of the Google STADIA service, the company also revealed STADIA Games and Entertainment, a first-party studio by Jade Raymond.

Google STADIA will allow you to play all kinds of titles, including independent games and great AAA productions. In addition, part of its catalog will consist of exclusive content, because in this way they want to boost interest in the platform. During the presentation of the service, the company also revealed STADIA Games and Entertainment, a first-party studio by Jade Raymond.

Raymond is a creative who has played a very important role in the industry. She recently spoke about her strategy regarding exclusive content. According to the details, Google plans to have several studios and partners working on news that will only reach STADIA.

In addition, it prepares for the construction of several development teams, which will also work on content for the service. Raymond believes that exclusive content will be one of STADIA’s strengths and stressed that it is very relevant that such games are not part of any other platform.

Fortunately, everything indicates that it will not take long for STADIA users to enjoy exclusive content. Raymond stated that the platform will receive new exclusive games every year and that the number of launches of this type will grow annually.

Jade Raymond made the following statement in an interview with Games Industry.

We have several exclusive games underway that will demonstrate some of the exciting things about the platform along the way. It won’t be 4 years before players can see the new exclusive and exciting content. There will be some coming out every year, and more and more every year.

On the other hand, the creative spoke about STADIA Games and Entertainment, a studio that will have its offices in Montreal, Canada. The developer will focus on original content of various genres that will gradually come to STADIA.

The STADIA Games and Entertainment studio will produce exclusive and original content through a diverse portfolio of games of all your favorite genres. STADIA is designed to be a destination for all the ways people play, and Montreal is where we are going to start building them.

Raymond said STADIA will change the way we play, so with their studio they intend to renew the way games are made. For this reason, they will be an inclusive and committed company with all employees and partners working for STADIA.

In other news, do you know someone who pre-ordered Google STADIA and expected to start using it since its launch day? If so, you should inform him/her that it is very likely that they will not be able to do so. This is because Google confirmed that not everyone who pre-ordered the service will receive it on its launch day.

As The Verge reports, Google said they do not guarantee that players who pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition or the Google STADIA Premiere Edition will have it on its launch day. In fact, the company points out that only the first who pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition will be the ones who will have the opportunity to start using the service from its launch day.

In other words, if you did not pre-order the Google STADIA Founder’s Edition from the day the presale started or if you waited to buy the Premier Edition, then you will have to wait longer to start your adventure in this streaming service. The good news is that the wait will not be excessively long, since Google estimates to fulfill all orders in 2 weeks time.

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